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    Primary: Custom G&P M4 Beta Max w/10" Noveske rail Secondary: KJW KP07 1911 CQB/Backup: G&G M4 CM, TM MP5-SD6, UTG Tri-Shot. The Wifes': G&G Femme Fatale 15 M4 Her Secondary: WE Baby Hicapa, silver. Extras: CYMA AK47, TSD 1911 CO2 NBB, Y&P M92 NBB, KWC S&W .40 NBB Pistol, Crosman Pump shotgun.
  1. I have a buddy looking for the above listed part. He needs just the weight or a whole pistol, working or not. The cheaper the better. If any one has one or knows where I can find one, please let me know. Picture reference. http://store.kwausa.com/handkuspmatchbarrelweightleft.aspx Thanks.
  2. For airsoft, not really. If I do need to switch to weak side, its only for a moment. There isnt recoil(obviously) and I usually don't need to do a mag change. With real firearms and 3-gun shooting, yes.
  3. When I deployed, 05-06, they allowed us to do cosmetic modifications. Mainly rails, optics, and holsters. A couple bought their own rails and most of us opted to use a serpa or cross draw style holster, mainly for comfort and usability.
  4. As far as I know, no. We had the plate, that bolted to the helmet and then the arm would click into the plate. Last, the NVG would attach to the rhino arm. We never used any straps.
  5. The first one is the NVG arm and helmet bracket. The second one is just the NVG arm. As for the helmets, it looks like the MICH 2001 link should work with the links you've posted. Im just familiar with the ACH that was issued to me a few years back.
  6. ...so its caused by a weak battery?
  7. I completely forgot to attach a link to this thread. Here's the fet----> http://www.awsairsoft.com/stealth-v2gb I use a G&P 9.6, 1600 or 1800mah and/or a Intellect 9.6 1800mah battery. Im pretty sure they were at half to full charge. It has an Element high speed motor (magnets seem twice as strong compared to my stock G&G motor), RiotSC Revolution gears(14.09), and SHS full metal tooth piston. It was set up for high speed. It shot clean and crisp before, and all I changed was bearings to bushings. Shimming is spot on or very close. It spins freely, with very little to no wobble. It use to preform like this ----> Edit: FPS was about 370 with .2g bb.
  8. I had a bearing failed, so I bought some 8mm bushings. Thinking that this should be the last time I need to go into the GB, and a simple repair, I was wrong. The after completing the installation of the bushings, shimming and re lubing, it went back together, fairly easily. I shot it a few times on semi. Then it locked up! It would cycle once and shoot, then cycle and shoot again, and then cycle twice and shoot twice and because the piston was to the rear and the spring compressed. All while firing on semi. With rapid trigger pulls, it complete that cycle. (So the piston would cycle back, then forward to fire a bb. Trigger- piston would cycle back, then forward firing a bb and then cycle back and stay. Trigger again, the piston would cycle forward and fire the bb and cycle again and fire again.) Could my timing be off with my tappet plate? There's Riot SC gears, poly piston with a rack of metal teeth and what looks to be a red JG motor. It shot great before the bearing failed, now its just locked up GB. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.
  9. Yeah, Im sure a lot of folks would like one, but Im not to sure on how customs would feel about letting them in or the BATFE. Especially since they had an issue with the GBB M4s not to long ago...
  10. They seem hit or miss with me. I have a CM and my wife has an FF15 (a pink CM) and both have compression issues! Other than that, they're great budget and light weight platforms.
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