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    Central, IL
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    Airsoft, cars, real steel firearms, hunting...the usual...

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    Primary: Custom G&P M4 Beta Max w/10" Noveske rail Secondary: KJW KP07 1911 CQB/Backup: G&G M4 CM, TM MP5-SD6, UTG Tri-Shot. The Wifes': G&G Femme Fatale 15 M4 Her Secondary: WE Baby Hicapa, silver. Extras: CYMA AK47, TSD 1911 CO2 NBB, Y&P M92 NBB, KWC S&W .40 NBB Pistol, Crosman Pump shotgun.

About Me

Im Braden B. I finished my active duty contract for the Army in Nov '08. Severed (5)years as an MP. Ive seen the combat side as well as the garrison side of my job. The Army gave me many useful tools to assist in life. I work security for a nuclear power plant now. My wife and kids are my life. Thats all for the personal stuff...Ive been playing airsoft for over 10 years now. Im just now starting to learn about repairing AEGs and doing some custom work. Well if there's any thing else anyone wants to know, just PM me and Ill get to ya as soon as I can.

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