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  1. TMC = Tokyo-Model Company Yea Guges I was hoping it would possibly be listed on sale. But I wouldn't pay an additional 40 bucks for light etched trades. I just really wish TM would decide to release there model.
  2. Now that is one effin sexy 2011 my friend. Just gorgeous from every angle, awesome build brother! How's she shoot and any internal upgrades???
  3. Good choice on keeping it as a wall hanger. Almost all of my WA pistols are for collection purposes and don't see field use. However I do have a few that I skirmish with :) U can find parts in stock for it, it just may take some time searching. But def enjoy the pistol and treat her well.
  4. I'm a big supporter of TMC and have purchased from them for years. I just checked there site and unless I missed it the only models I see are the standard WE models without proper trades. I see a lot of people are complaining about the hop unit, but how does the pistol perform without adjusting the hop??? If its a half decent sidearm I might just pick one up.
  5. Yea I hear u on the single stack issue, I much prefer single stack 1911's. But if u decide to build that bad boy internally it's gonna perform even better. How much has the build cost so far??? I need to add a CMORE to my 5.1 but with the holidays eating up funds I'll just have to wait lol.
  6. Great to finally see a GBB M&P 9, just sad to see its not from TM. Once the holidays are over I'm very tempted to pick up the WE, but the lack of RS trades pisses me off and ruins the whole aesthetics of the pistol. I'm gonna continue to look at some reviews and maybe, just maybe, TM will release some info on when they are releasing theirs.
  7. Very nice xcelerator u picked up. And yes the 5 or 6 is referring to slide length. As for which internal system is used in the xcelerator, u would be correct it uses the Magna. I've seen some built xcelerators that are straight beasts, but their mostly used for IPSC rather than a Secondary for Skirmishing.
  8. Damn George yet another Sexy a** build my friend. Love the TiKi Kit and think the overall build came out amazing. Airsoft Surgeon def makes some great products, but their Kits aren't anywhere near NOVA, ProG4, or Prime. I personally really like the grey tone of this TiKi Kit though and think it looks perfect with the gold OB. I know u said it took some fitment in order for it to function and cycle correctly, but how does she shoot now??? And Veris that's a gorgeous Blacked out 4.3. The black Capa in the family pic in the top left corner, what slide is that and do u still have that pistol???
  9. The Mk1 is a beast in FPS since its a NBB pistol. Peraonally I like the Socom Gear Oasis better, love intergrated Suppressor. I own a Oasis and I have to say its pretty accurate as well, u should look into it.
  10. Both Alberty and Renegade both summed up the question perfectly. All in all if u purchase the slide upgrades the pistol will last longer. But that doesn't mean u can't run Green Gas in its stock form. I have run Green in stock TM's many times for months and never had anything happen. I do however pretty much always upgrade my pistols both externally and internally. For example, one of my TM Beretta M92F's is bone stock and has only been run on Green Gas and is perfectly fine. If u have the funds and want to build the pistol then I say just purchase the needed upgrades. Just my .02
  11. I should of read that first post better. If u still have the TM Desert Warrior then u should def just use the funds to purchase new mags and some upgrades for it. Like Renegade stated, the Warrior is ten times better than any sidearm u listed.
  12. I'm like Disco and am a big fan of WE Gas Rifles, as my main Primary is a Gen 3 WE CQBR/Mk18. But what u really need to decide is if u want to stick with a Shotgun as ur Primary or pick up something different. If ur gonna keep the Shotgun then I would def recommend saving a few more bucks and going with a reliable sidearm like a TM. I personally wouldn't go with any of the sidearms u mentioned, they aren't worth it. But if I had to choose I would go with a WE Glock, but also like Disco stated I would go with the 17 not the 18C. I own a KSC Glock 18C as one of my many Glocks and I have used the FA function a handful of times. It's not necessary and ur just asking for more to go wrong with prolonged full auto usage. Now if u can spend the extra money then the TM Glock 17 or TM MEU 1911 would be two very good choices to look at. Just my .02
  13. Bgnr very nice M9. I just picked up a TM M92F converted into a non-railed M9 with a Zeke full MBK, Guarder Steel outer barrel, and Steel safety lever. It's a gorgeous Beretta with full Military trades as well. The black Kit looks sexy as hell with the dark grey Steel barrel. Now just gonna add some internals and it's battle ready. How well does the KSC shoot???
  14. Like many have said, it comes down to how much you enjoy your hobby. I am a player and collector as well and love owning as many weapons as possible. My current Armory/Collection consists of 62 weapons(8 rifles & 54 pistols). Some may say that's a lot but it's HEAVEN to me lol. I would say the majority of people who own a large Armory afford to by working and budgeting whatever money they can. I have never actually sold any of my weapons either, only gave one to my brother about 10 years ago. And also someone's collection varies depending on how long they have been into the sport. I for one will continue to grow my collection.
  15. I hear ya bro my TM P226 w/Guarder MBK has taken a huge beating over time and it looks the part as well. People knock Guarder but if a Kit is installed correctly they are plenty good. If u have any other pics of ur 226 def post em, I'd like to see.
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