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    TaskForce Trident - O D A 524 Callsign: Voodoo
  • Birthday 12/24/1980

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    Long Island, NY
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    Airsoft, Airsoft, oh and did I say AIRSOFT! :)

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    {ARMORY:}-Current Rifles- King Arms Hk HKM4D/416 King Arms Custom M4 CQBR Colt Proud Model50 M4 G&G SR25 (M110) DMR CA/JG G3A3 Sidearms- WA Infinity SVI 5' WA Bob Chow 1911v1.5 KWA Glock 18c KWA Glock 34 KWA/KSC Glock 23F KSC Glock 17 Custom Meister Glock 17 KSC USP .45c KJW 1911a1 2Tone WE Para P14 1911 WE Hi-Capa 1911 Tokyo Marui 4.3 TVG Custom Tokyo Marui 4.3 Infinity 2Tone Tokyo Marui Mk23 Tokyo Marui Sig P226rC Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F HFC Beretta M9 Tactical

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