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  1. Time to revive this thread. Got some new additions semi recently. Asahi M60E3 SDX LRB'd and with a metal top cover Asahi FNC LRB'd and with a CNC lower And just because My small collection, all but 3 are classics, but they're all on external air, so close enough.
  2. I second that for the bushmasters, they're very solid and great fun. And Wolf, your collection never ceases to amaze me, as its always growing with guns I wish I had.
  3. Might as well post my stuff DG M4 (just got in today) Asahi Bushmaster w/LRB Asahi M60E1 DX w/LRB Asahi Super Sterling w/LRB And I'll be picking up my Asahi FNC from booster this weekend
  4. Just finished with my build: -King Arms CASV -EOTech 517 -Magpul back up sights -G&P G23 grip -G&P SPR trigger guard -G&G sopmod stock -Madbull 7.5" outer barrel -King Arms 335mm silencer -ER hop -Prommy 455mm inner barrel -Prometheus Neo hop chamber
  5. Well another update. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to, but the stock at least externally is pretty much there. It still needs some final touches and then the internals still need to get properly fitted. And I made a few changes to the Bushmaster. I got rid of the raised mount and fitted a 9 1/2" rail along the top. And I picked up a new optic as well.
  6. Quick little update on the stock I'm making for the Tanaka. Got to take it home from my wood shop class so that I can work on it over break. The magazine well already fits, and the receiver is very close. Plans are to have a lot more done on it by the end of next week.
  7. Been running an external set up for 4 years with zero problems. I feel that the people complaining, are blowing it way out of proportion, and with quick disconnects that cut off air it makes it even easier. I'll just say that I've had more problems with slings than I have with the hose. Most classics only have one moving part, and as long as the externals are structurally sound, you'll only be replacing 1 o ring every once in a while, and you can get a bag of 100 for ~$5. Anything running on HPA will not suffer from any cool down and is perfect for the cold. If you choose to use CO2 instead, you might run into cool down during extended bursts especially in the cold. I haven't run CO2, so I'm just recalling what others have said.
  8. It was a killer deal, and I was glad that I jumped on it as soon as I could. The PolarStar definitely is a neat gun, and I'm more than satisfied with it. I can't comment much on GBBRs since I've only used a Daytonagun. They're fun and all, but if your looking for performance in a gas rifle, look into external NBB guns like the polarstar or classics, as the maintenance is extremely easy and they're very very reliable.
  9. There definitely is something interesting about them, and its why I keep ending up buying more unfortunately. I guess it would better to say that at my new fields I cant utilize their full potential. The new fields are much smaller, making it not really possible to take advantage of their great range.
  10. I’ve always wanted to do one of these threads, and now I think is the right time, although I still am waiting on one gun. I’ve gotten to the point where I finally think I won’t be buying any more guns, but I feel like that's something I should never say. This will be a list in my order of acquiring them. Tanaka M40A1 This actually was my second airsoft gun, but I ended up selling my first and only AEG years back. I’ve had this for about 4 years now, it’s been through some changes since I first got it, but I’ve finally have become satisfied with it the set up. This thing has pretty much every upgrade there is available, with pretty much nothing left stock. I’m in the process of making a walnut stock for it. Parts list: Internals: -2Roy hop up conversion -Nub-less Nine ball bucking -R-hop -555mm PDI 6.01mm VSR-10 barrel -Modified loading nozzle -Teflon taped hop up unit for a more secure fit -Magazine well shims for a better seal -G&G knock arm and plunger set -G&G gas route spring -G&G Striker spring -G&G Valve knocker -Modified feeding tip -Tapped magazine for HPA Externals: -Leapers 3-9x50 scope -Leaper 1" scope rings -G&G Heavy outer barrel -Steel-Bed textured grip TM Glock 17 This is my second side arm, but the first was sold. I spent way too much time trying parts with this gun, trying to find the best combination, and ended up with two set ups that I switch between. Again, mostly everything has been replaced. Normal set up “Sniper” set up Parts list: Internals: -PDI 6.01mm 303mm VSR-10 barrel/PDI 6.01 Palsonite barrel -Nine Ball hop up rubber -Shooters Design 150% hammer spring -Guarder 150% recoil spring -Guarder steel trigger lever -Guarder enhanced loading nozzle -Guarder high flow valve -Shooter's Design steel valve knocker -Action 8mm ball bearing hammer -Pro-Arms metal piston head -Home made ABB rings -Small piece of rubber under hop up arm to achieve more hop Externals: -Airsoft Surgeon Shuey Custom slide and outer barrel -Guarder steel night sights -Airsoft Surgeon diamond extended magazine catch -50 round magazine converted to external air -Pro-Arms CCW silencer adapter -King Arms 200x30mm silencer -SA aluminum magwell -Stippled frame Asahi M60E1 DX My first true classic. I had a DG AK before this, but I ended up trading it a while ago. Feeds from a 500 round reservoir and shoots 30-60 round strings out to around 300 feet at a whopping 350 fps thanks to the LRB that’s been installed. Only upgrade is a LRB presumably made by AS4L Asahi Bushmaster This has to be my favorite and most used gun in my collection. I got this from booster already tuned and set up, and what else is there to say? Booster does superb work and this thing just dominates the field. Hits ~285 feet at 325 fps and damn near silent with the ridiculously long silencer. Despite being heavily used, it still looks almost exactly like the way it does when I got it. I’ve got plenty of mags for it, and it’s just a blast to use. Got enough mags? Internals: -Enlarged hose fitting -Enlarged chamber air passages -OK 6.10mm barrel cut to an LRB -Shoulder bushing -New recoil spring w/ nylon bushing Externals: -Custom 275 round drum mag -Custom rail -Replica ACOG -RS Hogue grip -King Arms 335x40 silencer PolarStar PR-15 I picked this up mostly on a whim. I just recently moved, and the new fields around me kind of prevent effective use of my LRB’d classics, making this a welcome addition. I ended up putting more into this than I wanted, but it’s still a great gun to use. Internals -Prometheus Neo hop chamber -Prometheus inner barrel -Prometheus purple bucking -R hop External -King Arms CASV -Magpul back up sights -Magpul AFG -G&P G23 grip Asahi Super Sterling Just got this in a few days ago. Upgraded by booster, and has a nice recoil effect thanks to the heavy recoil weight on the LRB. Not much else to say about it as I haven’t even got a chance to play a game with it. Upgrades -6.12mm barrel cut to an LRB -Heavy recoil weight And that's it, thanks for looking. I do have an Asahi FNC being worked on at the moment, and its almost done. Pictures of the FNC and M40 with the walnut stock will be added once they're done.
  11. Never thought that I would be posting in this topic. Came home today and look what just came in. I was on the fence for getting one of these for awhile, but I recently decided to go for it. Excuse the lack of externals, as I just tossed on what I had laying around. Haven't had that much time to mess around with it, but from the few mags that I ran through it, I can say that I'm well satisfied. I can't wait to try it out this weekend. Only thing I think I'll miss using this, is the amazing range my asahis have.
  12. I ask you to at least reconsider. GHK AKM - $450 (Prices from redwolf) 5x mags - $275 total $725 or Daytona gun - $700 (If you get it second hand, expect even less. And I've seen some good deals) 5x mid caps - $50-100 (I'm sure could get some second hand ones for even cheaper) Air rig (if you need one) - $150 Total $900-950 You're going to spend a significant amount if you plan to go with either GHK or DG. Also, say you went with just one 600 round high cap on the DG, total is ~ $870 with still 400 more rounds than a GHK with 5 mags. Even still, you will experience problems associated with gas-in-mag GBBRs. DG also has some extremely solid, all steel internals. Also finding replacement parts for the GHK might be a problem (I can't say for sure, just guessing), and the quality of their internals probably is not the level of DG. DG has 2 distributors in the US, with one of them being able to repair and modify them, from what I've heard, very well. If you really don't want to shell out another $150-200 for a superior platform, I guess that's up to you, but the longevity of the GHK probably wont stack up to the DG either. I can say that you will be very satisfied if you choose to go DG. It is more costly than the GHK, but well worth it and its not that much more. If your going to be getting into GBBRs be prepared to spend.
  13. I finally found some time to make some more progress on my TM glock. With about 5-10 minutes of work, it turned out quite good and efficient. And all hooked up. It looks a bit ridiculous, but the consistency is absolutely awesome now. All I'm waiting on now, is for my silencer adapter to come in, then I'll be dropping in a 303mm 6.01 PDI barrel. Pics will be added once finished. Edit: Well my parts arrived sooner than expected, so here it is.
  14. ~285 feet range at 20 rps and 325 fps. This thing is built like a tank and by far my favorite gun. It was well worth the price in my opinion.
  15. I'm looking for a Tanaka m700 receiver, or possibly a KJW or G&G one. If you have one PM me.
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