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  1. Long time no see my Favorite thread, and off topic I guess. Rather res and bump this old thread then make a new one. 7/10 Pretty good if your in a early prog thrashish kinda mood.
  2. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_..._Lipo_Pack.html this one is better
  3. ok im going to just spoon feed you the info here because you wont think for your self, any battery that can supply at least 60 amps will be enough.
  4. It depends what capacity the batteries are for that correct answer, there is no blanket what is best c rating for a lipo. Also no your friends gun died it was an 11.1 on a gun not set up for it, it was his fault and no one cares about him. Voltage is a much more important issue then c rating.
  5. all of them so no one dodgepersonates
  6. also that^^ if it modifies the sound by even 1db you need to file a form 1, stamp a serial number on to it and pay $200 to the atf. even if its an airsoft gun, the law still applies
  7. Or you know you can use a piece of PVC pipe
  8. its actually against PayPal's TOS to ask the buyer to cover the fee's. $140 is a little steep, you want to offer an incentive to buy from you instead of retail
  9. This is why I don't forum anymore Page 4 am mine uJelly
  10. first things first as for the end cap, you will either need to have one made for you or possibly find one from an ares AW.338, the barrel wobble is easily fixed. 1:Remove the 2 screws that hold the receiver in to place in the stock. 2:once that is done you can look at the bottom and there will be a ring that has a few holes in it. you need to place a screwdriver or something metal and long in to it and then turn the barrel till it is tight your not missing a screw
  11. for that much you can buy 4 gig of brand new ddr3 ram
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