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  1. Looks good... not sure about the boxy looking thing on the front rail. Also it might look better with a full stock rather than a crane stock. - BC
  2. I've always had good experiences with ASGI. It wouldn't surprise me if someone hired them to write negative reviews using Mturk or something. People will do this kind of stuff for five cents... - BC
  3. Oh, okay. Haha, roids don't make me angry just sports players using them makes me angry.
  4. As I own a DE tri-shot and have used a TM tri-shot and also a high-speedish mp5, I'll say this much: 8/10 times you'll get owned while using a tri-shot but those 2/10 time you get the kill is much more fun than the eight kills with an AEG. - BC
  5. Roid Rage... is it a codename for Steroid Rage or Road rage? :P Anyways, the people who submitted more than ten names kinda ruined their chances just saying. - BC
  6. *Really good* BB BB's Project 6mm BB's Bomb'in BB's *Extra Good* Duke's Dust BB's The King Bee BB's Mean Merlin BB's - BC
  7. K, thanks for the comment. Ya, I will try to add a little more excitement in my voice. We re-filmed the review to cut the background noice and I bought a high quality mic so I can recored over the computer and it will still provide quality sound. I'll be loading up a few more reviews but is there any other way to build popularity to my channel? Thanks for all the tips, they've been very helpful and constructive. - BC
  8. Okay, thanks for the info. I hope to try to accomplish that ever allusive middle ground... but I probably will lean more on producing to a newer player audience with my youtube videos and do written reviews for the more advanced airsoft audience... when I get another review up there I will post it again so you guys can comment and see if its gotten any better. lol Thanks for all the tips so far. - BC
  9. RunnerGunner- Thanks for the encouragement, Ya, I find reviewing guns enjoyable and that's what its all about, it a hobby! lol HBHM4- Thanks for watching it! Ya, opening up tri-shots is a big pain! I've already broken one doing that... I like your idea of using a picture of the gearbox and going over that. I've upgrade a couple aegs before and I learned a lot from that plus there's a lot of info on the web. Thanks again for watching and giving me some suggestions! - BC
  10. Hey, Well, I just started a youtube airsoft review channel and I will hopfully be sponsered by PyramidAirsoft. So my question is what do you think I could do to improve my review style etc.? Any thoughts and such would be great and be critical. I didn't post this for you to tell I'm doing good... Thanks in advance - BC Here's the link to my channel -
  11. If we didn't allow discussion on the them there wouldn't be much going on in this section lol... I would mind sticking a few tightbores in my tri-shot but right now I'm working on a high-speed aeg - BC
  12. Btw, The guy who came up with this program is the retired New York Mets pro. baseball team strength trainer so this guy is defiantly legit. I started at 150 no six pack and now I'm at 142 with a six pack and feeling great. -8 pounds in seven weeks and more muscle.
  13. Ha! That Nerf gun is legit! Defiantly the coolest looking one I've ever seen!
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