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  1. All sold please delete
  2. Ak gearbox Prowin hop up Sold
  3. Paypal only 165 shipped Lnib For gbbrs and real steel Before and after pics You can text me at 919 885 2366
  4. Bone yard Paypal only Closed bolt Needs a trigger pack Selector switches New mags as far as I can tell Comes with 2 broken c02 mags
  5. text me for pics at 919 885 2366 I prefer a pm I have multiples of some of these I prefer to sell them by the set, top and bottom together Desert dpm uniforms, tops and bottom Pants size 38 or 85/92/108 nato Top size medium Desert dpm combat shirt size medium Woodland dpm uniforms, top and bottoms Pants size 38 or 85/92/108 Top size medium Woodland dpm combat shirt size medium Sord desert rrv Desert dpm flak vest Dpm waist coat Dpm rig Dpm hydration carrier Tactical talor od green rig Tru spec multicam top Medium multicam combat shirt Emerson tactical series Multicam pants size 38 http://i969.photobucket.com/albums/ae172/kingmarv/Mobile%20Uploads/20170411_182516.jpg
  6. No trades paypal only Text me at 919 885 2366 for info All heavily upgraded Full Metal fal sa58 Upgraded g96 Kwa m16a4 br Mk12 spr G&g dmr Utg m24 G&g m14
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