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  1. They probably wouldn't handle the pressure. If I had a dead compressor, I'd be glad to test it for you. You really should just step up and buy a palmers. I don't regret buying mine one bit. And if you go with the "high pressure springs", you can use the full pressure range instead of being limited to sub 200psi.
  2. Yea, I've ordered from them several times. Everything went without a hitch.
  3. Well obviously....it's RifleWizard. Just look at his pants.
  4. In my experience, no matter what's left in the cartridge, the magazone wont be damaged. But it of course depends on the quality of magazine. Any good magazine won't be affected.
  5. I found it to be pretty funny, although you guys really need to invest in a tripod. Like, full on serious, bra.
  6. Hooked it up to my solenoid and it wouldn't fire it. I will admit my solenoid is a bigger unit with 1/2 inch in/outputs. It did work with and trigger a reed relay, radioshack number 275-0233, which allowed me to kick the solenoid with a 12 volt battery. Sadly, I have no idea what happened to.my oscilloscope, so I can't measure the voltage output. I do know the other relay I tested it witg didn't work. It was radioshack number 275-0248, which is rated at 30 milliamps. Any questions, guys? EDIT: And now a pointless video! Doesn't show much, but I guess it can help with the visualization of everything. EDIT2: Made a simple wiring diagram.
  7. If I remember to, I'll take a look at my luger bin and see what's what. I haven't messed with them in a good long while. I did the exact same thing, but if memory serves, the lever should still work without the pin and spring. Either way, I bet I have a spare somewhere.(that is if the parts lugers I got werent missing them too) Turns out you definitely need them. I've got one spare if you cant figure anything out.
  8. Lucky enough to figure out power polarity without destroying anything. God I love having a basic knowledge of electricity and electronics. Anyway, I got polarity and which two pins trigger the solenoid. 1 is the positive side(even though it's black) and 2 marks the "bottom" two pins for the trigger switch. Another lucky break was that certain cordless phone batteries have a plug that fits these ports with very little modification. Thankfully we have a battery recycle box at work so I procured some plugs. Tomorrow I will work more with it. If I can, I'll dig out my oscilloscope and see if I can measure the voltage output on the solenoid port. It cycles too fast for my.multimeter to.read it properly.
  9. Sucks for you. I bout two dragons a month ago from them. I had ti return one. Didn't have to pay for return shipping, either. They emailed me a prepaid fedex label. They treated me real well. Sounds like you got a bum deal.
  10. I know I got a quicl laugh off the name change, but now I'm sorry I didnt check for any special deals. Theyve always done right by me, and I'll keep giving them business when I can.
  11. I got with a paintballer and asked if he could explain what each port was. He did me one better and got me the actual manual for this thing. Sadly, though, he doubts itll lutput enough power for one of our solenoids. I'll find that out once it gets here. At the very least, I can still try out my mosfet/relay idea. http://www.tadaotechnologies.com/downloads/M7_SLG_Manual.pdf
  12. It seems as though the manual for that board is long gone. Here is a manual for the upgrade chip that includes programming instructions and basic information. Too bad this seems to be old tech or else we could easily find someone to give us a basic rundown on what each part is. http://www.tadaotechnologies.com/downloads...s_10_manual.pdf
  13. I'll be honest, I don't fully understand all of this but I have a grasp on the principle. Wouldnt that board trigger a solenoid on the paintball gun? Can we find the voltage output of the board? In theory, if it didnt output enough to.power a solenoid alone, couldn't you wire in a basic mosfet or relay? I'm willing to test the board for 13$ on the solenoid valve I have. If it works, or is easy to get working with a solenoid valve, that would be a really handy thing to have. Alright, just bought it. We will see what happens.
  14. ....do you all have slender girly fingers? /arnold voice. But seriously, the triggef pull isn't that bad. Not even bad enough to warrant the exaggeration renegadecow came up with.
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