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  1. I just came back because I stumbled upon an article that led to here. I don't think ASF is dying, even with most of the more popular members now gone.
  2. Interested in MP7. Put up a vid of it working and I might be inclined to pick it up.
  3. The G&P does not have a laser on it. The one you linked from ASGI, does, however. Not a problem, but I was also thinking the same as you. Adding a ACOG to my G36 soon.
  4. Ever tried looking at the G&P Aimpoint? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gandp-30mm-aimp...-dot-sight.html If you must absolutely have the G36 RDS, there isn't much I can tell you other than good luck. Also, any chance you could just swap the scope and get a rail instead?
  5. Echo 1 is just a rebrander, and anything they 'make' is just a joke. for example, the Minigun and the ATS are really made by CAW. The XCR is OEM by VFC, and parts such as grenade launchers are made by JG or DBoy or whatever.
  6. I don't see why your glasses should have anything to do with choosing your optic. It'd be much easier using a EOTech replica or open dot sight with a facemask.
  7. .......how many times in airsoft do you have 20 guys coming up to you from behind? Bet'cha you can take them down as easily while having semi auto, while not hip firing or looking like an actor in a John Woo film. Even then, carrying two rifles is not the best idea, this is airsoft not Halo.
  8. Usually people have things to do other than be on ASF, like spend time with their families and have fun that others I.e. you wouldn't have time to do.
  9. You know you have too many guns when you can't remember which ones you've sold and still have. :P Mind telling me what suppressor is mounted? I like.
  10. +1 Free bump. Also, Airborne, I don't mean to be a or anything, but if nobody's offering that kinda money for a while it's pretty evident that: a) it's very high priced, or b) nobody wants it. inb4 lock. Problem?
  11. Ah, the civvie/commercial 5 round mags. Unfortunately I've not come across one, although I'm pretty sure you can just get VN mags and cut a section out of them.
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