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  1. I don't have any info that could directly help you out. However, out of my own curiosity and to help us help you better, do you think you can get some pictures together to show us just what you're talking about when you say "the top of the hop up to adjust the arm" or "the two dots actually don't aligned". Thanks!
  2. Thanks, much appreciated.
  3. After searching for a TM Vsr-10 parts diagram I found one in Japanese. It has the screw dimensions on the schematic. They left out the trigger box in the schematic.
  4. After owning multiple airsoft guns, I have come across the need (several times) for screws for the VSR. Whether it be in the trigger box or one of the main screws for the body, I have dropped or lost a screw and has ruined my rifle. Has anyone experienced this as well? Let me know. Maybe I could help find the screw size or send you the correct one. Cause its not cool if you can't pew pew. =)
  5. Jeez you guys, I was just wondering how people on this forum felt about these kind of things. No, I'm not interested in incorporating these kind of things into regular play all the time, that'd be stupid. In all the games I've been to I have simply never seen any of these kinds of things being used in game play before. I just wanted to know how people who really like airsoft feel about using these types of things. Now I know as you have all made it blatantly obvious.. Thanks.
  6. I appreciate the responses, but im really just wondering how people in the airsoft world feel about these kinds of things. Don't bash my thread if you have a strongly dissenting opinion, please. And yes I don't get on forums and talk about airsoft a bunch, but ive been playing for three years now, been to around fifteen skirmishes. So in a sense, calling me a new player is inaccurate. From what ive found after getting burnt out on airsoft is that by adding unconventional items to normal game play you can have a lot of fun.
  7. Just wondering. XD. my friend wants to use a blowgun with a plastic ball tip dart.
  8. I have made a trade for my rifle, and the kwa mac-11 with four magazines and pouch have been sold. I have decided to not sell my gbb 1911, so that is not for sale either and this thread is officially served it's purpose. Admin, can you please close this thread? Thank you.
  9. Thank you Guges but I think I'm ok on parts ATM. The REAPS bucking, is it the MG2 model with the tab on the side on the outside of it? When you say packing do you mean you're talking about the hop up bucking? Blister packing plastic? What is that? (this is very helpful to me, thank you very much.)
  10. Motormouth: too bad you did =(. But really thanks for bringing others experiences to me, I appreciate that. Guges Mk3: That's absolutely insane. I'm about to buy a new aluminum slide for it as well as a pdi 6.03 and a new bucking. What would you recommend as far as the hop up goes for me to get results like that? I google'd r-hop and flat hop and can't find anything related to gbb pistol installation, mostly aeg's.
  11. So as I was reading about the concept of flat hop and hearing about a member who got 300ft shots with his dmr after getting a flat hop. It then hit me to open up my SOCOM gear hi capa 5.1 and mess with its hop up. For those who are unfamiliar with the hi capa hop up, there are two halves that seperate to reveal the bucking and hop up arm which is shaped like a convoluted L. The "nub" which pushes down on the mound in the hop up has two bumps to kind of cradle the mound. As I looked inside the hop up with the nub in this stock shape, I noticed there was only a little bit of surface area that was being exposed. I fixed this by taking plyers and flattening out the nub but keeping it at the same level of elevation that the old nub was at. The new nub configuration I have is a depressed flat plate that is pushing down on an eraser that I cut to make a large, flat area that could be exposed on the inside of the bucking. I went out and shot the pistol off my back porch this afternoon just to make sure I didn't totally screw it up. It is very cold here in indiana right now, about ten degree's F. Filled up the magazine inside. The range was extended by (again this is purely a guess) around 25-35 feet possibly by my perception. This is with a stock inner barrel and everything. The total range of the pistol with my modification is around one hundred feet with torso shots being an 8/10 kind of deal. Has anyone else experimented with gas hop up modifications? Or can help explain my findings?
  12. Bump. At this point im willing to take ten or twenty dollars off through negotiation. Trying real hard to get rid of this stuff.
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