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  1. interested in KJW Vertec M9, Shoot me a pm with what is lowest price will you let it go? with shipping price. thank you.
  2. Good post. I won't be into airsoft if I am hearing. I know I will be in iraq. Deaf/Hard of hearing can't join any military. go figures.
  3. Good think I am gonna try it now. Haha it's sign language I am deaf. Yes I do play airsoft. If I am hearing I will be in marine already Copy that, thanks!
  4. closed thread pleaser I got everything I needed! thanks!
  5. Sorry it's G&P and yeah I am talking about grip attaches to the rail. forgive me for bad english. not my main language.
  6. Harris Bipod (has a few issues, could still work) can you specific whats wrong with it? Take a close pictures of it. I might interested in it. Thanks.
  7. I just got it today and installed. trying it out then feeling like grip is a but loose but it did holds good but still feel like loose or can be break it? What can I do? Any little mod? thanks
  8. Yes MIAD Stock.. Well I have a G&P Stock.
  9. parting out the stock? I am interested in that! let me know!
  10. Does Utility Mesh Packet have molle? If so will you part it out? I will take it. $6shipped? thanks
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