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  1. Really. I wasn't aware of that. I hope the ATF off and puts all their personnel on alcohol and tobacco personally. Yeah, I'm an ATF agent. Gotta make a living somehow. Socialist tyranny is a whole lot closer than you think with Obongo the Marxist in power. There's much wiser people than you on watch.
  2. Old news huh? It's the first I've heard on national news media of the ATF taking notice of airsfot guns.
  3. FoxNews: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/05/06/exclu...test=latestnews Looks like the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has received complaints that some airsoft guns can be converted to fire live ammo. This could be very bad. It may result in the ATF forcing manufacturers to "redesign" airsoft guns so that they can't be converted to fire live ammo. This could screw up the realistic look of airsoft guns. Not to mention bring national attention onto the issue. The left-wing-Marxist-Communist-gun-grabbing-freakazoid-main-stream-media may latch onto the issue and use the weight of their media empire to call for a banning of airsof guns, OR regulation of airsoft guns. This is very bad. Everyone might want to think about buying the cool realistic looking airsoft guns they want now, while they still can. And anyone who's got money invested in airsoft company stock, you might want to sell. I think your stock might be getting ready to drop.
  4. Naw, just got bored with it. It looked like everyone had said everything they had to say about it, and some dude posted BEGGING me not to mention the topic anymore like it was killin' him to even think about (ha ha! I don't get it) so... I abated. I didn't want to get the thread locked up by being to "forcefull" with my opinion. Opinons are like A holes, everyone's got one. I just check back ever so often to see if there are any more replies or votes.
  5. What exactly did I try to "blame" on you? Since you were under the false impression that I was my 11 year old son, I told the dude on the other forum that you had tried to start a flame war with me on this forum, so I then asked him to delete all my threads and posts on the other forum because I didn't want some 30 year old inbred being able to track down my 11 year old son and hassle him out in the field about some stupid crap from some airsfot forum that he know's absolutely nothing about. I got all the engery in the world to go round after round with you bud. If the mods lock this thread, it's not my choice.~
  6. Sorry bud, wrong. That other forum moderator locked the thread before I even got the chance to reply to all the hysterical whining. And then when I tried to post a different separate thread asking any vaugely similar questions the forum moderator deleted my posts immediately. I never even got the chance to respond. I'm glad THIS thread didn't get locked so that I could continue making replies. I got all the energy in the world to go round after round in support of any post I make. The moderators of this forum won't lock this thread because of me. I know how to keep the tone of my replies within the forum rules. It'll be the immature responders to my thread (see quote above) trying to start a flame war that'll get this thread locked. Not me. I garuntee. Looks like a few people actually voted for the idea to change it to MILSIM. And a few voted that they could care less. So it looks like some people playing the gamg have a good sense of humour at any rate. Really, I could care less. I just thought it would be cooler for the younger players. It's supposed to be all in fun. The topic of the origins of the guns and the origins of the name of the game actually came up in my thread, which I find interesting. That's the kind of conversatioin I was shooting for to start up. I don't really get the hysterical whining about a harmless suggestion.
  7. You make a good point there. If the hop-up was mounted on the side of the barrel, instead of the top, it would make it go left or right. But the reason for this is because the hop-up protrusion pushes the bb to the bottom of the barrel, and I'm theorizing that the bb spins along the bottom side of the barrel because of the top spin force pushing it downward, then the bb "jumps" up from the bottom side of the barrel, pushing against the bottom, right as it leaves the opening. But what if you could make the bb spin inside the barrel without touching the insides of the barrel? The bb would continue on it's path, straight.. even after it left the opening, because it wouldn't be jumping off from any side of the barrel. I think spinning would stabilize any object, not matter what the mass is, as long as the weight is balanced within the object. Think about one of those toy spinning tops. They can come in many shapes, but as long as the weight is balanced, the object is stabilized by the spinning to the point it can stand on it's end. Even though it's end has less mass than it's middle. A Jewish dradle even has a rounded end, like that of a bb. HaHA! Good one! That's hilarious! Never thought of that. It might be able to be done by a different ammo design, or instead of that, by maybe twisting the air itself, putting a spin on the air coming out of the nozzle, making a vortex of air like a tornado coming out of the nozzle. That might get the bb spinning on a lateral axis
  8. The ball wouldn't wouldn't bounce around inside a rifled barrel that it had to pressed into with a ram rod. At that point, the ball is being gripped by the groves. (not sure if you were talking about the rifled barrel along with the smooth bore) I'm also pretty sure that the muzzle loaded round ball had to be "pressed" into the smooth bore barrel with a ram rod as well. If the ball had to be pressed into the smooth bore also, then the ball was tight inside the barrel with no space on the outside of the ball. Otherwise, wouldn't the gasses escape past the ball? And if the ball was so tight it had to be pressed in, then there would be no space around the outside of the ball for the the ball to even be able to "bounce", right? The ball wouldn't bounce unless it was loaded into a barrel with a bigger diameter than that of the ball. And then the gasses would escape around the outside of the ball also.
  9. Do you know this for a fact, or are you just guessing? Not trying to be a smart alec, I really want to know. What's your sources of information on the bb aerodynamics? Can you give me a link? And where is there proof that a round object cannot be put on a lateral spin? Obviously the bb can be put on a longitudinal (top to bottom) spin, or you wouldn't see the bb fly upwards from the backspin when you crank the hop-up up. Why couldn't the round object bb be put on a lateral spin if it can be put on a longitudinal spin? After the invention of rifling, wasn't round ball ammo still used for a while at first in the new rifled barrel guns? And didn't the rifling put the (round object) ball ammo on a lateral spin greatly improving accuracy and distance? (And actually, the first rifled barrel guns using round ball ammo did not have velocities of thousands of feet per second, but rather had relatively low velocities under one thousand fps). Yeah, the weight does make a big difference maybe. But like I said, obviously the bb can be put on a top to bottom spin, then why not a left to right spin instead? Bumping the bb into the hop-up nub to create the backspin might actually be DECREASING accuracy. Maybe if the bb could be put on a spin without bumping it into a protrusion in the barrel, the spinning bb might be more stabilized coming out of the barrel and thus more accurate. If you re-read my original post, you will see that I discounted being able to use rifling. The real problem with rifling would be that the energy that would be required to force an object into the grooves and out the barrel, would translate into serious injury to the person getting shot by it. Not good for gaming purposes. You could just as well use a rifled barrel pellet gun if that were not the case. I don't know of anyone who does not constantly strive to make any airsoft gun they own more accurate. Think of all the tight bore barrels an gimmicks like fish bone hop-up nubs and so forth that people buy in the hopes of improving accuracy. EVERYONE wants to improve accuracy. This issue is never static. You could potentially do away with the hop-up unit altogether if you could put the bb on a spin without having to bump it into a protrusion in the barrel. This is along the lines of a couple of ideas I have of being able to put the bb on a lateral (left to right) spin WITHOUT bumping it into a protrusion in the barrel
  10. Does anyone know if any experimentation has ever been done with trying to get the bb on an X axis spin (like that of a bullet leaving a rifled barrel) instead of the Y axis "backspin" that the hopup puts the bb on? And ... would putting the bb on a X axis spin like that of a rifled bullet make it more accurate? It might be able to be done a couple of different ways. And I don't mean trying to incorporate rifling into the barrel. I'm pretty sure that could never be done in an airsoft system.
  11. I'm new to this forum. You're the second person to tell me to use the edit button. What do you mean? I do not want to edit my original post that I made when I made the poll. But I still want to reply to people making comments. So I click on their comment, read it, then hit the reply button. I don't see any other way to do it.
  12. Hypothetical question: If the Asian inventors of the AEG guns had come up with the name SIM gun, instead of the pigion English term "Airsoft" gun, then what would the game be called using these SIM guns?
  13. A lot of people seem to be missing my point. I know casual airsoft games with variations of silly kit and so forth is not technically MILSIM. The point I'm making is that, why not just CALL it MILSIM for the f u n o f I t .
  14. Uhhh, then why is there an option to enlarge the text. Why don't the mods take the option out if it's so annoying? It's not like I'm yelling, typing in all caps. What are you talking about double and triple posting? I'm replying to each person that I feel like I have a relevant answer to. Who are you to tell me I need to shut up and not talk to anyone that's talking to me? I'm making several different points to support my poll that are NOT duplicate posts like you are implying. What's wrong with that? And this thread is no where near a flame war. I don't see anyone talking in an angry tone or using profantiy of making threats. Flame war? Maybe you just don't like the poll and my view on the subject. So don't worry about it maybe go on to some other thread maybe? I don't know what to tell you. Ok, I appreciate your input. I have no plans of hurling insults at you because you disagree.
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