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  1. I am pretty close to jumping on http://echigoya-guns.com/guns/index.php?ro...;product_id=355 Can I expect at least a 30 meter range outdoors? Obviously the 250fps will make it shorter range, but by how much all things considered?
  2. That is fair. The KWAs are usually reinforced enough to handle a higher torque motor though, right? Sorry for my ignorance here. Also, this was suggested to me. It seems pretty badass, but do you think it would work outdoors?
  3. So I currently have my G&G GR-16 and am pretty happy with it, but I am looking to expand my collection with a new RoF oriented gun. I am hoping to get as close to 30 bps as possible, but the research I did toward the subject (I looked into it pretty deeply, I think), suggests the upgrade modifications not only require soder work, but also shorten the lifespan of the gun. As a result, I am going with a new KWA, which are supposed to have pretty good RoFs already, and giving it a 9.6v battery. That being said, I have a couple in mind. First http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=10377 I would also get a new motor for this one http://www.amazon.com/Big-Dragon-Airsoft-M...igh+speed+motor (My G&P M120 is out of stock, any better suggestions?) My other option is http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=13206 I will be getting a nunchuck 9.6v 1600 battery, as I said. Which would give me a higher RoF without losing too much field accuracy?
  4. Did some searching. How does this look: Barrel Bucking Gun Any suggestions? EDIT: Linking Technicalities
  5. I have my G&G GR-16, which still works quite well for a main assault position. I would like to try a more flanking/DMR oriented position in my group, however, and have thus been looking into DMRs. I know they require a good deal of time and effort, which I would be willing to put in if necessary. Specifically, I have a $400-$500 budget. I found this http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5634 and it looks like a solid platform - would I need to do anything to it? Or what would you recommend in its stead given my budget and goals? Many thanks!
  6. The arrows show the elevation, with the top of the picture as the high ground. Dark green means trees and other vegetation - not necessarily unpassable, but significant enough to slow travelling. BBs shoot through quite a bit of that area, but leapfrog travel in this situation would still be possible. Light green means a trail. Assume the red means the sector of fire for any given OpFor, and my squad is on the right side. Assume that direct fire is implausible at this distance, but still enough to suppress. They have a man flanking from one side, and if my squad moves against him our position is lower and altogether worse. What do you recommend? Many thanks! Please note that I am more looking for general tactical advice, not necessarily just for this specific instance. This does give a nice portrayal of the potential situation, though. I now see that I did not distinguish well between teams. The BluFor are the rightmost four, without any sectors or arrows drawn. Sorry.
  7. Okay, here is my plan. For simplicity's sake, let us assume that we have 8 people playing airsoft in my group. The game shall be played at night, and only spring pistols (maybe some lower power, small ammunition AEGs) will be allowed. All "Survivors" shall have glowstick necklaces on at any given time; they will not start with any weapons. Throughout the woods will be boxes filled with a few spring weapons and very light amounts of ammo, as well as flashlights. The zombie must only tag a survivor to get him out. From there, the infected can give his weapon to any nearby survivors or, if there are none nearby or none want it, he must bring it back to a box. The zombies will have triple health (now three limb or body shots or one head-shot) to give them a fighting chance, along with a one minute respawn time. The survivors must make it to an objective across the field and then back to the starting point (which will be a pallet bunker). All survivors must be present for victory to be achieved. This encourages pseudo-teamwork and coordination, as well as last-minute search parties. Anything seem inherently wrong or any suggestions to make it better? I may have made some mistakes without explaining some things, so forgive me if I have to make posts later on.
  8. Sorry, it had been on my mind for a while and I mistakenly took it as a given premise that the light was seemingly overpriced. I should have explained more, my apologies. I suppose it just seems odd to me for a tactical light meant for airsoft is both recommended by a mainstream retailer and dually meant for real-steal application. I could not help but notice that the usually price for tactical lights is closer to $50ish, so the tremendous jump seemed odd to me.
  9. Well, I see it this way. I payed $15 for my tactical flashlight holder, and $30 for my Nebo 220 Lumen flashlight. I understand that this is easier to toggle is in the foregrip, but the price is absolutely confounding for me.
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