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  1. Posting update. It's been a while. We're still regularly hosting events at Wayne's World in Ocala and have teamed up with War Zone Airsoft to bring you airsoft products at a price that competes with the CA Big 3. We still do operations and walk ons and have a new style of airsoft gameplay for our March 29th Vietnam event "Tet Offensive". We are also having a walk-on this saturday, Jan 11th.
  2. Hey everyone. Posting another update. We have our walk on game coming up on the 22nd, and our Vietnam op on the 6th of July. Come check it out.
  3. Wayne's World in Ocala. Closer than Battalion and Combat City. See my thread for more info. Check out the facebook link. We have a game coming up on the 22nd, and a Vietnam op on the 6th of July. Airsoft in Ocala
  4. Bumping for future events. Next game is Aliens vs Predators vs Marines in June! Hope to see some people from ASF out there! Hey guys, Steve with Marion Tactical and Airsoft here. Just posting our schedule and a few other schedules for airsoft in the Ocala and Marion County area. We usually host games the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at Wayne's World of Paintball in Ocala, Florida. MGP hosts games there as well, just not every month. Here's what's going on in the near future: May 25th- MGP "Rockabilly Zombie Weekend" $40 online pre-registration / $50 onsite registration June 8th- MTA "Aliens vs Predators vs Marines" $25 https://www.facebook.com/events/385730278208060/?ref=2 June 22nd- MTA "Walk on airsoft" $20 https://www.facebook.com/events/155536624617908/ July 6th - MTA "VIETNAM!" $25 https://www.facebook.com/events/313209255477224/ Aliens vs Predators vs Marines info: Uniforms: Space Marines: Marpat Desert and variations Woodland Olive Drab ACU Aliens: Tan Black Civilian/contractor ATAC NWU ABU Flecktarn Predators: Tigerstripe ONLY, no exception! Special rules for Predators: Predators will be 20% of the total player base. Predators will not have a goal or mission for the entire game. Predators goal is hunt the other 2 teams. Predators are also the only team that is allowed to bring a shield. Hits to the shield do not count and the shield may be any size. Players playing as Predators should dedicate themselves to being on the field for the entire duration of the game. Predators also will not have a traditional spawn. The spawn mechanics will be revealed in a special briefing for players. There are currently 10 slots for Predators. Serious people only please message us or post if you're interested in a Predator role. Earth was doomed when we started making extreme technological advancements. We used up all our natural resources, no more oil, barely any fresh water, and an atmosphere that is falling apart. Scientists from the United Earth Space Program have zeroed in on a planet(KOI-1686) that they believe has large amounts of natural resources that our planet needs. The UESP scientiests have also discovered that there are native alien creatures that are very hostile. For the future of Earth, UESP has sent in a small detachment of Space Marines to wipe the planet clean of hostile lifeforms so mining and harvesting can begin. It has now been 3 weeks since the Space Marines have first landed on KOI-1686. The UESP scientists were wrong about the lifeforms. There exist only two hostile lifeforms on KOI-1686. The Space Marines have named them "Aliens" for their otherwordly appearance. Then there are the "Predators" a very advanced civilization which appears to ritualistically hunt the Aliens for unknown reasons. Any attempt at peace with both species has failed. The UESP has sent in a much larger detachment of Space Marines for reinforcements. It is now up to the Space Marines to clear the planet of Aliens and Predators, for the future of mankind and earth.
  5. I would just like to bump this thread. We have updated uniforms, storyline, rules, and much more for the event. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, let me know! I will post the information in this post and update the original post at a later time. $25. $10 for all day air tank fills for those who need them. Open to ages 10 and up. May 11th 2013. Registration begins at 9am. Fill out both sides of your waiver and please sign in on the sign in sheet. Player briefing at 10:50. Game on between 10:55-11:15, depending on pacing. Standard event age limits require all participating players to be 10 years or older. Players under 18 must have waivers co- signed by a legal guardian. Waivers are available on Wayne's World website (http://www.waynes-world.com/page2.html) Personal Protection Fully sealing eye protection REQUIRED. Impact rated, fully sealed eye protection must be worn at all times on the game fields. Mesh goggles are only allowed with shooting glasses or prescription glasses worn underneath. No shooting glass or mesh goggles by themselves are allowed. Players caught in violation of this rule on the field will be warned to correct the violation immediately. Repeat offenses are grounds for being removed from the game with no refund given.Full face masks are required for participants under 18 years of age. (These are available at the field for a nominal rental fee.) FPS Rules: 400 with .20 10 foot engagement distance 450 SAW with .20 50 foot engagement distance 580 DMR/SNIPER with .20 100 foot engagement distance SEMI-ONLY Non-saw shooting over 400 but less than 450 will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Grenades okay. Box mags and high caps okay. Rubber knife/melee okay. Hits to any body part count. Gun hits count. Riot shields okay but must be approved. Bang outs may not be called if more than 10 feet. Bang out must be called if within 10 feet. You must have visual and a working gun capable of play, your finger is not a gun. Point your gun and say bang. If someone calls bang and they are more than 10 feet away, it is okay to shoot them but please be RESPECTFUL about it. You may bang out 10 players at once before you must call yourself out. Cheating: Anyone caught cheating will be escorted off the field for the remainder of the "mission". If you are caught twice you will be aksed to leave Wayne's World for the day. If you are asked to leave Wayne's World and cheat at a future game and are caught, you will be banned. PERMANENTLY. Cheating is defined below: Excessive not calling of hits(we understand sometimes that you didn't feel it etc). Skirting the fps rules by using heavier bb's at the chrono. Purposely respawning out of your respawn. Excessive swearing, foul language, and rude manners. Arguing with admins. Purposely going out of bounds to gain an advantage. Destroying Wayne's World property or MTA props. Raising the FPS of your gun after chrono by swapping springs or adjusting regulators. Uniforms: Blufor (Russian and American) BLUE DUCT TAPE Multicam Olive Drab ACU Tiger Stripe All desert MARPAT desert NWU ABU Authentic Russian and Soviet camo Redfor (Taliban and Mujaheddin) RED DUCT TAPE Civilian look Atac Mismatched uniform Black Woodland Taliban, terrorist, insurgent look MARPAT Flecktarn In 2018, Jibril bin Khalid is the de facto leader of the Taliban. Khalid came to power in 2016 after the Afghani elections. The government of Afghanistan was taken over by those loyal to and not in opposition to the Taliban. The Taliban is believed to have payed off several government officials, bribe voters, and numerous other tactics to secure their control of Afghanistan. Following the elections, the now Taliban controlled Afghani government ousted US and Coalition forces from the area. In early 2017, the Taliban was suspected of smuggling arms, currency, and opium to the areas of South Ossetia and Chechnya. The Russian government has since been fighting once again in the region. Khalid has stated in numerous videos that those regions are for "the right people". The year is now 2018 and matters are only getting worse in Afghanistan. The Taliban is growing stronger and threatening the security of surrounding nations. Russia is pouring large troops in to their southern borders to fight rebels supplied by the Taliban. In a move that would have been impossible 40 years ago, the United States and the Russian Federation declared they would go in to Afghanistan and stabilize the area. The joint operation was coined "Operation: End Game" in a reference to ending wars in Afghanistan once and for all. With the Americans and Russians hot on the tail of Jibril bin Khalid and Taliban forces, things are about to get very heated in the area. The Russian-American invasion of Kabul begins May 11th. Only after the war is over will we know if the wars are truly over... Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/639557942737497/?ref=2
  6. Hey guys, Steve with Marion Tactical and Airsoft here. Just posting our schedule and a few other schedules for airsoft in the Ocala and Marion County area. We usually host games the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at Wayne's World of Paintball in Ocala, Florida. MGP hosts games there as well, just not every month. Here's what's going on in the near future: April 27th- MTA walk-on game. $20 May 11th- MTA "Operation: End Game" $25. USA&Russia vs Taliban&Mujahideen May 25th- MGP "Rockabilly Zombie Weekend" $40 online pre-registration / $50 onsite registration We are also working on doing a free game sometime in early June, however, we can not confirm that just yet.
  7. Hey guys, Steve here with Marion Tactical and Airsoft. We have a game coming up on April 13th. We are hosting the event at Wayne's World of Airsoft in Ocala, Florida, about an hour and a half north of Orlando, two and a half hours from Jacksonville. The theme is DEA vs. Drug cartel. Play is open to players aged 10 and up. Entry fee is $25. Come check us out on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/19411446404...n_mall_activity
  8. I was poking around a bit and was wondering what version gearboxes these guns use? I have a version 3 polarstar fusion engine and was thinking about dropping it in to something other than my ak. I heard the MP40 was a version three, and it looks like the MP44 could be a V2 or V3. I have no idea on the Sten and grease gun though. I searched around extensively on google and could not find a concrete answer. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  9. My AK that I just built. was originally a dboys ak74s. I removed the stock, shortened the barrel and gas tube, and put on my rpk cone flash hider. It uses a 363 ics barrel and stock hop up components. Im planning on getting a battleaxe autowinding mag for it
  10. Use a hacksaw or some other cutting device and cut a slot into it. Then take a flat head screwdriver and remove it. You can also use a dremel tool if you have the skills. Cutting a slot is the best and easiest thing to do in my opinion. Everyone has a hacksaw. Just don't miss. Put a towel or something around the replica so you don't muck it up.
  11. Without seeing the internals, it appears to be a C11 rebody. The safety mechanism is the same as on the Airmag C11 by Crosman. As well as the mags. The C11 is a tank so you'll probably have no trouble. Good review!
  12. You can also try putting two or three drops of liquid dish soap on each lens; then buff the soap to a haze and let it dry. It works on glasses, goggles, and so on. Works every time!
  13. I play here all the time and I got a friend of mine to film for me. I had to trim a lot to keep it under 10 minutes so I just chose the best footage I could and threw in some music. Sound quality isn't the best, so go away if you wanna whine about it ;]. Anyways, enjoy. The field is in Ocala, FL. Website is socomairsoftinc.com Socom Airsoft Arena 05/08/10
  14. They're pretty reliable. I have shot over 50,000 rounds in a little over a year. No problems with any mags. I never even oiled it. No leaks whatsoever. Best thing for 30 bucks in my opinion. It's impossible to break too. I've dropped it countless times and it's been shot up at point blank range...it's the AK-47 of Wal-Mart.
  15. You could also construct a similar device within the confines of one's own dwelling. Vortex Block
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