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  1. Why not just call AMS? I'm sure that they'll be able to spare 10 minutes of a warehouse guys' time to check the dimensions for you.
  2. It's sometimes hard to disappear forever.
  3. I'm not sure why you felt the need to bring this thread back to life. >Inserts pun about me being alive as well
  4. Video Review : Supplemental Shooting Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg2GAcbj4vE
  5. Video Review : Supplemental Shooting Video :
  6. A review of the G&G SIG 550.
  7. Is TM the "BEST airsoft brand"? Hell no. But are they a good one? Yes. Their GBB pistol are completely unmatched. No one, and I mean No one makes anything even close in performance, quality, and value. I've owned em' all, and TM stands out. Their AEG's are a different story. Can they last damn near forever stock? Yeah, but so can any other well tuned JG at 280 FPS with an 8.4v.
  8. I've bought a homemade 9.6 before. It was crap. The output was sluggish and the battery eventually fell apart. That should show my opinion on the matter.
  9. Thats called being an elitist. Of course people who pay quadruple for their guns will call mpegs crap. don't worry about it. For the price CYMA is fantastic.
  10. CYMA is great. Many people accept their products as the de facto ideal beginners guns.
  11. I'm interested in playing with/joining a team. Having your own private fields is a huge plus. I'd love a pm or email if you are interested in adding a player. ( n8butcher<AT>gmail.com ) Only legitimate teams please.
  12. Holy carbon fiber. And on a side note, im pretty sure I saw you on the Socal airsoft forums
  13. KWAs are workhorses! Jump on this people!
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