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    UTG Mk23 Springer TSD M14 Tokyo Marui MP7A1 VFC SCAR-L Blk JG G36c Polarstar King Arms M7A1/ Noveske Recce rifle (2 uppers) Tokyo Marui HiCapa 5.1 w/ SD slide CYMA RPK FrankenAUG CQB (35rps)
  1. bump Hi-Capa SPF Fet SOLD G&P M4 SPF JG SR16 SOLD HFC M190 SOLD P90 MAG mids SOLD All FDE Magpul furniture still around! TM Aimpoint still around! BB guns still around! P90 lows still around! New additions: TM Aimpoint Pics! Album CQB AUG Project Album I’ve got a CQB AUG project I’m looking to get rid of. It was originally a CA AUG (non-sportline). Externally, it has a CQB Barrel (don’t remember brand, mabye Dytac?), a TM A2 front receiver, and a stock that’s been wrapped in digital camo tape. The stock job is very nice, as you can see. It also has had a woodland camo pattern painted on the TM receiver. It will come with the OEM CA flash hider, which appears to be of high quality. In that category of internal/external, it has been modified with a bolt through the receiver to ensure good compression instead of the buttplate. In high performance AUGs, this is virtually required; it not only frees up battery space, but also holds compression, as the OEM reinforcement is likely to bend or break. And trust me, this one needed it. Here’s the internals list: G&G piston head G&G ported cylinder SHS 15 metal tooth piston (rack glued in place, AoE adjusted) 70 duro sorbo pad on the cylinder head SHS 13:1 gearset (earlier generation, won’t fail like the latest ones) AMP high torque motor JG mosfet 12 awg non-oxygen very high quality speaker wire G&P hopup unit Unknown brass barrel I think that’s about it. With an 11.1 lipo, it should be firing ~35rps <AT> around 350fps. This is 100% lipo ready. However, there's a compression issue somewhere. It's currently getting 70-170fps, and I cannot figure out why. It' also missing the mock bolt assembly, and will come with one JG hicap. I’m looking for $215 shipped, $200 FTF. Bravo AMU 2 AB Mosfet Album This is an advanced active braking mosfet with an integrated polyfuse. It works very well, and has no problems. It’s wired to two motor connectors and deans, and is the appropriate length for a front wired M4 setup, although it will also work wired to the rear - there will just be extra motor wire. This is based on or copied from the Extreme Fire Jaguar AB unit, and is therefor extremely well engineered and reliable. $50 shipped, $45 FTF. Madbull 6.03 363mm TBB (Gen 2) I also have a very lightly used Madbull 363mm barrel. No problems, practically no wear, and it’s the Gen 2, so the teflon isn’t coming off any time soon. $40 shipped, $30 FTF.
  2. bump Officially parting out G&P SR16! Hicapa is now at $200 shipped with just the non-hiflow mag.
  3. PM'd. JG SR16 SOLD HFC M190 SOLD New items! DE Magpul Accessories Album I have several genuine Magpul PTS accessories for sale today! All of them came off a King Arms M4 MOE (or were bought separately) and saw almost no use. They look brand new. First up is an MBUS rear sight - $30. Next, an MOE handguard - $25. An MVG as well - $15. A King Arms hicap PMAG - $25. Finally, an MOE stock - $35. Prices do not include shipping, as I’m anticipating people picking a few things up at once. Madbull Noveske 10” RIS I’m also looking to offload a Madbull Noveske 10” RIS. Lightly used, no problems whatsoever. Slight surface damage from use, but nothing remotely significant. $70 shipped, $60 FTF. TM Aimpoint This is a TM Aimpoint that’s been kicking around my parts bin for a while. Despite this, it has remained in excellent condition. It does not have any batteries. However, I can guarantee that it works. It includes the stock mount. $55 shipped, $50 FTF.
  4. Hello, this is my complete sales thread. Currently, I am very interested in cash. I may, however, be interested in certain trades, as I’m looking to start a few new projects. Offer up, the worst I can say is no! Partial List: **Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock AEGs** - TM M4 variant preferred Real Sword type SVD Shrike upper/conversion kit TM/KJW/KSC/KWA/other (NO HFC) Glock (26/27/17/18/22 preferred, offer up) TM Hi-Capa 5.1 Album First up, I have my number one safe queen: a highly upgraded TM Hi-Capa 5.1. Here’s the parts list: - SD Kimber Slide - SD magwell - Madbull 6.03 barrel - nineball dyna piston - nineball silver mag catch - AS loading nozzle - AS recoil spring & hammer spring - AS leaf spring - Guarder stainless steel recoil rod + bushing - 2 TM hi capa magazines - Guarder hiflow valve on one of the magazines - glow in the dark sights - TSC silver aluminum non-recoil non-ported barrel (14mm CW threaded adaptor) - WE hopup unit + bucking It functions absolutely flawlessly. Shoots hotter than a stock hicapa, although I’d have to find my chrono to figure out how much hotter. Kicks very well, better than a Hard-Kick Desert Eagle - especially on the hi-flow mag. Both mags lock back the slide. No problems except that the grip safety doesn’t function, as I bent the leaf spring to disable it a while ago and have forgotten how to bend it back. I like it better this way, though; I’ve had a grip safety fail me in the past. $240 shipped, $230 FTF Extreme-Fire Panther Mosfet Album Next, I’m looking to get rid of a ‘fet that’s been sitting in my parts bin for a while. It’s an Extreme-Fire Panther, wired to deans and a V2 trigger switch. It has mini-deans between the fet and the trigger switch for easy installation, and used to have bullet connectors on the motor wires - but then I lost the other end *eyeroll*. So, all you’ll need is some motor connectors and maybe a bit of wiring and this thing will be good to go. Just tested it today, it’s fully functional. $65 shipped, $60 FTF G&P Franken M4/SR16 Album Today I’m looking to get rid of an M4 that arose from my parts bin. It began as a deans rear-wired G&P gearbox with modify selector plate and ZK receiver set. I had lost the mock bolt, right side selector cover, and bolt catch, so I replaced the dust cover with one that fits, but has too much friction to slide forward under the power of the spring. Makes adjusting hop a lot easier, though. Anyway, I then added a random M16 pistol grip, G&G full stock stock, G&P M4 length barrel, CA delta ring assembly, random handguards, and a triangle sight + cut carry handle rear sight (both of very high quality). Please note that while the barrel is threaded G&P standard 14mm+, the receiver has been rethreaded (fairly well) to normal airsoft receiver threads, rather than the G&P imperial threads. Finally, the barrel assembly is a G&P hopup unit + bucking + nub and a madbull 363mm barrel. So, now we have a nearly complete G&P based SR16 type M4, only missing a motor. This would make an excellent base gun due to the high quality externals, gearbox, and barrel assembly, as well as huge battery space. Would work perfectly if it had a motor. Red dot, magazine, and flash hider + washer not included. $185 shipped, $170 FTF. JG SR16 Album Next up is another SR16! This is a nearly stock and nearly brand new JG SR16 (enhanced model). This is another excellent starter gun, as it has only been used once for about 20 minutes and beyond that has only been test fired and chrono’d. Before even firing it once I opened it up, reshimmed it, relubed it, changed the o-ring, adjusted AOE by sorboing the cylinder head, sanded the 2nd and 3rd teeth on the piston, removed the ball bearings on the piston head (unnecessary weight), sanded the tappet plate, and added an o-ring to the hopup unit to help compression. I also replaced the terrible stock JG orange piston with a JG cream piston that’s of much better quality. I also changed both the battery and gun to deans, but since I used it with a small 7.4 lipo, I kept the stock fuse. It’s chronoing at 290 +/- 1.5fps with .3s, which comes out to 355 with .2s. That’s obviously much lower than stock; I left the spring compressed to get it below 400 and overdid it a bit. Still shoots a solid 120+ feet accurately, though. It has precisely one problem: the dust cover won’t stay closed. I think the locking nib thingy is broken, I’ll try to find another one. This was going to be a project gun for me, but I’m trying to cut back, so this project will go. It runs extremely smoothly, and with the highly durable gearset, JG Blue high torque neo motor, internal work, and excellent compression, this thing could go far. This includes the gun as it was sent to me, including the never used hicap and deans’d stock battery as well as cleaning rod, sight adjustment tools, manual, and asgi chrono sheet. Red dot, Pmag, and flash hider + washer not included. $115 shipped, $100 FTF. HFC M190 Album Another M9! This one is the HFC m190. Upper is complete, minus a missing right side fire selector. Lower is missing a fairly large amount of parts, as you can see. $25 shipped, $15 FTF. Prop M1911 Album Not exactly airsoft, but.... I have a nonworking 4.5mm CO2 BB gun. Currently, it sprays all the gas out of the barrel when you put CO2 in it. It is, however, pretty accurate to the dimensions of the real steel, so it could make a good prop gun or training tool for weapon handling. That said, the slide and hammer are molded onto the (plastic) frame and the mag catch + magazine are missing (and the mag isn't the right size anyway, it only holds the BBs). $20? shipped, $10? FTF. Prop full metal 4” 9mm type Album Same story as the above. This one, however, is an unidentified model of gun, is full metal (weighs a hair under 2lbs), and has a magazine. It's also non-functional, although I don't remember what the problem is. Again, the magazine is unrealistic. However, while the slide and hammer are unable to be manipulated, they are separate parts. As you can see, it's essentially a 4” barrel 9mm type of pistol. $25? shipped, $15? FTF. I also have a plethora of PSG-1, TM/KJW P226, and BAR-10 parts, so if you’re looking for anything from those guns, PM me. A few other specific items: I have a G&P SR25 half tooth upgrade piston, P90 mids/lows, and a complete KA (almost) stock GB. I also have a full set of TM AK47 externals, with the fake wood repainted to look even more realistic. Thanks for looking!
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