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    I have one KSC G17. Everything else comes and goes and doesn't stick around long enough before its sold, traded, sacrificed, burned, stripped, and/or buried.
  1. Alright, I've finally rationalized selling my Classic Army SA58 Carbine. They don't make these anymore. It was purchased in 2010. I bought the front RIS separately. I've done a few minor upgrades including replacing all wires with silicone racing wire, set up for Deans, and compression. It's hovering around 340 FPS with .2g bbs. It's be used and there is some cosmetic wear, but I've never abused it or dropped it. It's ready for a new home and/or Daytona project. Gun is licensed by DSArms so it has all trades. Everything is in working condition, select fire, mag release, charging handle, and bolt release. I am asking for $300 +$15 for shipping (anything more and I'll cover the difference) but I also would be happy to negotiate I ship everything UPS priority and insure it for the value. I'll ship OCONUS but you'll be all of the shipping. I am not interested in trades. If you're in VA/MD/DC, we can meet up. Cash is king, p2p. Things you will receive: 1x exotic CA SA58 Carbine with RIS 8x CA midcap mags, all work, used but not falling apart. I believe E1/lancer mags work with this 2x CA hi-caps, a 20 round and 30 round mag The respect and admiration of your peers for finding an exotic engram on this forum. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. PM me for more info, if you want more photos, or if you'd like to make an offer.
  2. I tried getting them to price match against WGC shop, but they only price match for domestic retailers. The KJW does have a specific speedloader that it DOES come with.
  3. I bought mine at Airsplat November of 09 with no issues. They had the lowest price stateside and after the whole incident of the WE rifles being seized in washington, I really wouldn't feel comfortable ordering a GBB overseas. If its already in the states, it probably will not be a problem.
  4. Living in Southern California has me spoiled because I can drive to Airsplat, Airsoft Extreme, or Evike and see what I am about to buy right off the bat. Online retail purchases in general make me uncomfortable.
  5. Scariest sound that makes me white knuckle and/or clinch my butt cheeks: that familiar hissing noise that grenades make when tossed into the same room as me. whether its a flashbang, tornado, artillery simulator, CS, or Thunder B, those are enough to make me uncomfortable even before the detonation. I would also say that moment of silence when you're at the field ready to go, and when you pull the trigger nothing happens. Even after it worked the night before and at the chrono station. I hate when that happens.
  6. I won't lie, I'm a purist and prefer mil-spec gear. I demand quite a bit from my gear and all too often, the replica stuff lets me down. However, I will not condescend to anyone who uses replica gear. After all, its just a game. Authenticity is really up to you and how far you would like to take it. One thing that I can tell you from my own experience, is that practicality is more important above all else. If you can make your gear work for you and your style of play, then run with it. There is no need to weigh yourself down with extra pieces of gear because to look more super-high-speed-delta-ranger-cqb-master-magpul-dynamics-seal-commando-sas especially if it prevents you from getting through a door frame or dismounting from a vehicle........ Keeping it as simple as the mission dictates you to is always best. Figuring out what you need and what you don't need comes from experience. Get some more training, gameplay, and milsim ops in and you'll see what you need to add and what needs to be ditched! A lot of the operators that airsoft and milsim players mimic can have a rather broad standard operating procedures when it comes to equipment, particularly the special operations community. They're granted a lot of "freedom of movement" when it comes to equipment so its really tough to pin down an exact look. They are generally five to seven years ahead of what is being issued to regular military units. With that said, equipment changes constantly and its hard to keep up with. Its soooo much easier to mimic your typical army or marine grunt. Equipment standards are pretty much the same across the board, however, every battalion, company, and platoon may have a different SOP for gear. Some units can have unique looks for instance, the 101st Airborne Division still uses patches on the side of the helmet to identify brigade and battalion. Be watchful of people that claim they know EXACTLY what the special operations community wears. Unless they are a pipehitter themselves, take it with a grain of salt. I spent six years in the Army as an infantrymen. I've got two long deployments to Iraq under my belt and have sat on plenty of outer and inner cordons for SF hard hits. I spent three of those years working down the street from 5th SFG when I was with 1st BDE, 101st ABN. All of that and I still CANNOT pinpoint and exact uniform. Hit the periodicals at your local bookstore as well as the military reference section. Avoid the internet, hard copies tend to be the best references. Do your research and with a little experience, I promise you that you'll have a set up that works for you, gives an authentic look, and is practical. Good luck!
  7. Really? A shorter barrel? Like the stock 10 inch barrel or the 14.5 in barrel? Why would the shorter barrel length help?
  8. Yeah, I only run propane through my gun and lube it with silicone grease because silicone oil and green gas get the bucking way too moist. I really want to give myself the advantage of distance and stand off just so I can engage the enemy before they I am in range. Of course, who doesn't want that?
  9. It was clocked at about 420 FPS. I have a hone that I used the clean up the inside of the barrel. I'm using Airsplat brand bb's. I've always had really positive results with those. I'll keep experimenting with ammo to see what gives the best and most consistent results. As far as buckings go, I really don't know where I can pick up an aftermarket bucking for a KJW M4... and as far as that nub goes, lol I really have no clue how I would install that on to my rifle.
  10. LOL I run .20g when I need a good LAUGH. I'm wondering how much heavier I can push it because everyone chrono's with .2g
  11. I found it on Tokyo Model Company. I never placed the order because they never got back to me. Instead I just modified an AEG barrel with a little bit of dremel work.
  12. I'm very content with my KJW M4. Although its a work in progress to really push it to its fullest potential, I really stand by its ability go BANG everytime I pull the trigger. My biggest issue with WE is the big brass tube that gets in the way of the chamber. I really like the KJW's ability to pull the bolt back and see whats goin on. It sounds like you've really made up your mind though. I picked up mine through Airsplat, they seem to be the only ones that I could find that had them in stock and for a good price. They're also carrying the WE M4, WE M4 CQB-R, and the WE HK 416.
  13. Ok, so you guys have all heard my rants and raves about my ongoing KJW M4 blow back project. I'm still pounding my head against the table on this one. To begin with, I put a DeepFire 363 6.04mm TB, works better, but still wasn't good enough. I upgraded to a deepfire 550mm 6.02mm that I shaved a few mm so it could be covered up with a suppressor. Here is my problem: I've reduced the velocity, I've jumped up to .25g bb's, and a longer tightbore,YET at about 130 feet, my rounds curve down and to the right and just eat the dirt. What the eff is going on? My goal is get a nice 12 inch by 12 inch group at about 130-140 foot range. Is this a realistic goal? or am I just dreaming?
  14. saw it last weekend at the vendor stand at the CODE: RED airsoft park opening. it was pretty sweet. from what I understand, they're trying to get it out by june. I dig it, but they wouldn't let me put any rounds down range. I still like my KJW......
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