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  1. no, It won't work out, just get a M4 nozzle, they are under $20.00
  2. do you still have / can you still get these? would like black with rear buttons PM me!
  3. Hi guys I recently had to undergo surgery to repair a couple of full thickness tears in my rotator cuff, as well as a torn bicep tendon. Because of this I had to suspend taking in barrels for E-R-hop, as I couldn't stand over a vise, and stroke a file., but I'm finally up to the task now. and my rehab is going well, but won't be able to get back to lifting till September. so anyone I had to put off,,,send em in if you still want it worked on by me I'm back in full swing Skag187
  4. don't listen to them, go with the short barrel and def do the rail on the rear, maybe a doctor sight
  5. I don't know, about it being that bad to re-load, but that's the type of setup the IPSC japan guys use on their raceguns
  6. besides a tbb and upgraded bucking (that 150% recoil spring might push the bb past the bucking on its return to battery)? might want to think about a reinforced nozzle, piston-head, and cylinder bulb hi flo valves you can do yourself
  7. Nine ball 6.03mm with the nine ball bucking that's my vote anyway
  8. You forgot to budget in for your R-hop or ER-hop install I doubt you're going to reach 300 feet without it
  9. still fairly certain it's the bucking you can always enlarge the bucking lips from the inside (dremel with polishing point 600-800 grit) and shave down the length of the bucking lips as well (dremel with cutoff wheel)
  10. Check the bucking Sounds like bbs are jamming on the buckings lips
  11. would you consider parting out the G&P?
  12. want one badly can't wait for these to come back in
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