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  1. hey there, im prowler from chicago . im looking for any operators who are interested in joining a milsim based training group . serious inquiries only , if interested send me a note .
  2. I don't know, maybe you reset somethin that was rubbing/stcuk on something. but im glad you got it fixed, good job
  3. what about if I have a363mm inner barrel but I want a longer outer barrel , not too much longer, just a short extension. will that effect my range or accuracy ?
  4. I bought a matrix m130 aeg with a poor plastic hop up unit , stock bucking, scs nub, and 363 tightbore barrel.. but when I opened the gear box, there is a chrome non ported cylinder, which I have understood was for inner barrel 400mm and above. I usually see a ported cylider for m4s or 363mm inner barrels. questions 1. will a non ported cylinder and a 363mm inner barrel, cause a fps drop ? can it cause a decrease of accuracy ? 2. if I have good fps does that mean I will have good accuracy because of the force put on the bb ? or can I have high fps and bad accuracy ? 3. is accuracy just the hop up unit, bucking, barrel and nub ? does the fps effect accuracy in any way ?
  5. I think that your battery doesnthave the power to turn the motor. since the motor is just trying to pull the gears n spring but cant due to lack of power, it is heating up from over straining to pull the spring. try a diffenrt battery and check to see if all wires and connections are good, check every electrical coponent, and triger contacts
  6. I just bought the matrix m130 gun from evike. the gun is supose to shoot from 420-480 fps. I have installed a matrix chrome 363mm tighbore. but the inner barrel that came stock was 363mm, but there is a non ported cylinder in the gear box, shouldnt there be a ported cylider for a 363mm inner barrel ? my next issue is that the bbs drop after a while or fly to the left I think they should go a bit further ! , could this be because of the cheap plastic hop up, and or bad bucking/nub ?
  7. I had to pen my gb , the internals look preety good. torque up gears, even tho I don't know much abut gears, and the quality of em. but they seem ok. the reason I opened it up, because I was having issues with the trigger swtihc. the peice that connects the pins, had to be repalced. compression system seems fine, the tapplet plate seems to be bending a bit where it meets with that gear to pull the piston, but seems to work fine. re shim when you open up, there is a bit of play between the gears, there a bal bering spring guide and piston head, and high speed piston with metal gears showwing no wear. I have notice with a matrix .25 I think thats the ammo I used, the bb went pretty far, id say 200 feet before it dropped. but that was rough sooting, as for accuracy is accuare at 60 feet but needs improvement with a new tight bore , hop up cahmber, num and bucking. I will say the gear box is pusshing a good ammount of air, and has good fps, and rof. overall with some work / tweaks this gun will be a preety good aeg. or maybe evike just sent me there display item. thats why I don't like buying expensive gunns , becuase its always some bs right out the box, for the price you might could build your own high powered aeg, really. with the best parts too.
  8. its was the part of the trigger swithc which acts as bridge for the positive from the battery to the motor
  9. my m4 , all of a sudden started to fire single shot when the guns selector swith is set to full auto. sometimes it will fire in full auto,sometimes it will fire singles, and sometimes when its firing in full auto it will just stop firing, until I pull the trigger again. its kina like something is lose, because if I pull the trigger rapidly in full auto the gun will fire either once,twice,a short burst or full auto then just stop. I did say to my self that the selector plate felt lose , not how they usually feel when I first got the gun. what cause this and how do I fix it ? is it the seletor plate on the gear box that can caue this ? or could it be the trigger swtich ?
  10. I got this gun. I originally ordered the agm ris peq m4a1. but they didnt have it and said I could have the matrix m120 in exchange. I was tired of waiting so I tried it out ! the buffer tube was lose and the buttstock's construction is a bit shaky and lose, I suggest replacing the stock, I replaced the stock and the gun looks n feels better. The handguard rocks back and forth a tiny bit, but has a good qualilty set of handgaurds. ,the front sight is lose a tiny bit, can be tightened ! the wires that go into the fuse box are closely shrinkwrapped, just check the wires and make sure there are no bare/exposed wires. the aegs wiring is the low resistance silver 16-18 gauge wires. the guns body is not like most m4's body, when stripping the gun down ! instaed of the top reciver fliping upwards, the upper reciver slides apart from the lower reciver, I like the flip up version better. , I noticed a cheap plastic one piece hop up unit( a new chamber is a good idea because the chamber doesnt even have the peice that keeps the barrel from moving left to right, it just keeps the barrel from comming out of the chamber. so a shot could appear to go to the left or right. I inspected it, and found that the hop up nub was really a peice of plastic tubbing, cut very roughly, it doesnt even look like a hop up nub ! replace hop up chamber with one peice metal,new hop up bucking,spacer! but shoots ok with stock hop up ! the tightbore 6.04 is a bronze colored barrel but it does look like a tightbore magazine is a tight fit, small wiggle with differnt mags Is this a 200 dollar gun, the gearbox seems fine , im not opening until something needs work, the ejection port/hop up flap acts up to, it sticks sometimes. but it sounds good and works pretty smoothly. overall I think the gun is good, mines just needed its exterior tune up/ tightened up. works good with a lipo, comes with tamiya connectors the rate of fire is high, with good fps from the way the ammo flys throught the air and smacks the target hard at 60 feet ! it shoots pretty accurate at long distance of 120+ feet. I havent tested with a chrono yet . the metal body is good, its black and dark gray, matrix tactical systems ingraved in white, has cosmetic features of a real m4's color scheme! overall I think the gun is a good buy,good body,gearbox,rof,fps,looks,feels good and sturdy. may need exterior tightened !
  11. what is the best type of piston to use with a high fps 400- 430 range, and high rate of fire ? what is better ? polycarb teeth pistons, half polycarb half metal teeth pistons, or full meta teeth pistons ?
  12. ok im going to try to add a new longer thicker screw, locktight and adhesive . would it hurt to take some pliers grip the piston head and tighten with a scredriver ? I don't think my gears cycle is to fast, the mad bull m130 is pretty hard pussing, durring a open n cleaning of my gearbox, ive had a piston literally fly accross the room and hit someone in their eye at 10 feet from the madbull m130 spring. the cycling and aeg works great once everything is installed, it fires good with high fps and rof, id say 1200 rounds and it sounds like my motor is free spining, I open up the gb and the piston head is off, the first time every tooth was ate, the second time just the mid section.
  13. I have a ball bearing aluminum piston head and it has come off the piston for the second time. the first time all the teeth on my piston was stripped, and the head was off. I heard that if the piston doesnt get back fast enough ,the piston will get clipped because the lipoly battery is causing the gears to move to fast to keep up with the piston. but I don't think thats the problem. the second time, just the pistons teeth in the middle of the piston are stripped and the piston head came off. is it that the threads inside the piston head are stripped or going bad or can I use a bigger screww ? how can I fix this problem ? if it helps I have a d boy kalash ak-74. with 11.1 lipoly,mosfet,mad bull m130 spring, ball bearing spring guide, ball bearing aluminum piston head,
  14. I have a madbull m130, the spring is kina strong. I have a ball bearing spring guide and pistone head as well. when I opened up the gear box, the piston head was completely off the piston, what causes this ?
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