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    Primary: Dboys SCAR fully upgraded doing over 30 rps. Upgrades are: Chromium Molbdium gears, custom made airdog elite piston, g&p explosive piston head, 7mm gearbox, matrix turbo and much more Seconday: Vector arms mp5a4 ras upgraded with matrix magnum, deepfire m130 spring, 7mm bearings, polycarb piston w/ ball bearing piston head, wired to deans and more Super Back-up: ICS MP5A4 Stock
  1. -Multicam combat shirt-L/XL not sure which will fit me yet -Multicam pants- 36" 30+ inseam -Tan iron face -FlakJaks -Gloves, preferably tan -Tan Size 13/14 boots -Tan/MC Kneepads -MC Hydro Carrier -Lipo charger -MC tactical cap -MC M4 mag pouch -MC roll up Dump pouch -M4 mags I live in the Atlanta area if anyone is local. I'm using paypal only unless we meet in person
  2. 1. Paypal only 2. You pay shipping 3. PM me 4. NO TRADES AT ALL!!!! 5. Price is firm 6. PM FOR PICS! 7. No returns VFC Scar L Tan-$250 Light version, newest model, wired to deans, tightbore barrel and one sexy gun. Full metal. has great trademarks, It has a functioning bolt catch and it is a great gun. The ROF is very nice providing perfect cover. The stock folds, has a 2 position check rest and a 6 position stock. The gearbox sounds great has less than 1k rounds through it. Comes with 11.1 20c 1500mah lipo, an G&P tan fore-grip, Dboys Scar flashhider, and a 350 round VFC hi-cap.GREAT GUN !!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. $275 is the lowest I can go. its brand new and never been shot h\more than 1000 rnds.!!!!
  4. $275 is the lowest I can go. its brand new and never been shot h\more than 1000 rnds.!!!!
  5. Cool story bro. Lol jk only one person has commented on mine. Makes my life seem not worth asking questions for
  6. 9/29 tomorrow it's the dress up day for homecoming. I'm being lil Wayne and I'm pretty excited. I've drawn tattoos all over me haha. Today was average so yeah.
  7. Im assuming for me getting introuble yeah I made it kinda funny. Alright so more backstory about it so you understand better. Me and my girlfriend went to dinner then we walked to the church about a half mile away to drop by and let my parents and sister meet my girlfriend for the first time. We then walked about a quarter mile to the dance. After being there for about 15 minutes we walked another half a mile to the park and hung out there. Then we walked back a half a mile. And then at 10 we walked a quarter mile to the church and took her home. All of this was in the dark, at night. It was irresponsable for me and sydney to go walking off in the dark to the park a half mile away. Heres everything that could have happened. We could have been shot, stabbed, kidnapped, raped, drugged, tased, speared with swords, run over, trampled on, hit by septic tanks from planes, crushed by a tree, hit by a train off track, blown up, hit with bricks, had a house fallen on us, been hit in the temple with a tennis ball, scraped our knees, fallen down stairs, cracked our heads open, drowned, set on fire, strangled, smothered with pillows, electrocuted, struck by lightning, could have been hit by a motor cycle, could have been forced to join a homeless society, could have been thrown in the garbage, could have been crushed by a vending machine, could have gotten food poisoning. But while all of this could have happened while walking to the park all of this could have happened while walking from dinner to the church, from church to the dance and from the dance to the church. I wrote it out on paper so it was a little longer, but I stated everything bad that could have happened.
  8. 9/28 Today was kind of like any other day school wise, had a sub for spanish and we messed with him the whole time. He said he was an arthritic rattle snake, so consequently he was ridiculed...haha. I got my physical done today and I was there for 2.5 hours. I had to give some blood for some kind of tests, which wasn't bad at all, I thought they stick the needle in much deeper. They also repierced my ear professionally with their nifty little blue gun. The thing sounded just like a stapler it was really weird. This week is homecoming week at my school and the theme is "Super-Duper". So the seniors are superheroes, the juniors are supervillians, the sophomore are superstars and the freshman are super smash bros. Im a sophmore so I decided to be lil wayne for the superstars thing. So I went by party city and got a dread locks wig, but I had to cut it, burn the edges and braid some of it so it would be remotely like his hair. So far I'm pretty confident in my costume, and I hope I'll be the only Lil Wayne. So thats been my day.
  9. 9/27 So today is Lil Wayne's birthday, so that was really the only thing significant that happened today. School was whatever, when I got home I re-pierced my ear which was a PITA. I've been watching this documentary on 9/11 little by little and I've been really intrigued by it. So thats been my day.
  10. You can get ripped without a gym. Just think about prisoners.
  11. A little about me... Name: Max My life consists of: Music, my passion, school, my girlfriend, money, parents, sister, nephew and friends. Age: 15 I'm going to start with yesterday. 9/25 Woke up at one of my bestfriend's house pretty early, slept on her couch and went to sleep late. My kneck and back felt like hell. The night before I went to my old school's football game. I hung out with my girlfriend and some friends and got back to my friends house pretty late. After waking up me and my friend talked and then my dad got me. We went to Waffle House and I ate so much. My mom had been a church anniversary party at her church and so when I got there from riding the local train I helped her set stuff up. Decoration isn't exactly y thing so this was really boring. I got to hang out with my sister, which even though I see her almost everyday we're like more than siblings. After I left the church I went back to my house to get ready for homecoming. After getting ready I went back to the church to continue to set things up. My rather grumpy stepdad took me to dinner so I could eat with my girlfriend prior to the dance. After we ate it was about 8 and nothing interesting happens when something first starts so we hung out some. We went to the dance and got pretty bored because not many people were there yet. So we walked about a half mile away to the local park. About 30 mins later we walked back to the dance and hung out with everyone. It ended not to shortly after and then we left and my mom and I took her home. I went home and slept like a rock. 9/26 Today I woke up, feeling good except my pillow was on the other side of the room and I was reaally confused. I got up pretty tired, I got not as much sleep as someone my age should be getting. I checked my phone texted everyone that I didn't reply to and started my day. I went up stairs to see my grumpy stepdad and my sister, microwaved a chocolate muffin, got a diet coke and had breakfast. I later went with my sister to pick up my almost 8 month old nephew, Sawyer, who I love like he's my own kid. He had spent the night with his other set of grandparents, who are basically insane, but really nice. Me and my sister are not much alike at all. We both like totally different things and do completely different things, but then again we are 6 years apart. We talked about how grumpy our stepdad has been and my mom and his marriage has been close to on the rocks. My sister and I talk a lot, and its usually about my life, since she is a mom her life is pretty much all about her son. Last week at my school there was a drug bust and 7 freshman were expelled, one of them being my friends, so today being the precurser to a new week where more people could be kicked out isn't a great feeling. Today was pretty average until I had told my mom me and my girlfriend walked to the park during the dance because she saw a leaf on my pants. She blew up on me and how unsafe it was and demanded I wrote a two page essay on how dangerous it was. So I 1 1/2 pages later I wrote every possible thing that could have happened. Some of them were hilarious, and my mom didn't think so...haha. I later on just left the house but she found me and we talked and worked everything out. Although my day isn't over, there's really nothing else that will probably happen except eating and sleep.
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