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  1. oh really sorry guys, it's strange that I can't receive any your messages since forum upgraded and my mail box is not full! please send me an email to bigdadwarfare<AT>gmail.com if needed, thanks!
  2. REPLICA MAG-POD PMAG BASE PAD BK/DE (REAL STEEL PMAG DEMO), 10usd shipped. RAIL LADDER BK/DE, 10USD SHIPPED. replica fortis shift vertical aluminum grip bk/de: 25usd SHIPPED replica fortis short angled aluminum grip bk/de: 20usd SHIPPED replica strike industries cobra series trigger guard bk/de: 9usd SHIPPED REPLICA SRS WITH KILL FLASH, 80USD SHIPPED REPLICA SMR MARK V 12.5" RAIL BK, 89USD SHIPPED REPLICA DD MK18 RIS2, 75USD SHIPPED PAYPAL ONLY, NO TRADE, THANKS FOR WATCHING!
  3. SRS with kill flash: 80usd Dytac product: SMR Mark V 13" rail bk for TM profile: 90usd Dytac product: Bravo sopmod stock, bk/de: 29usd Replica DD MK18 RIS2 BK: 75usd Replica magpul RVG bk/de: 15usd Replica Battle Com 2.0: 19usd and I still have some ms3 in bk, de, aor1...asking for 15usd 1. I ship from hong kong, eta 7-10 days to the states. 2. paypal only 3. no trade thanks for watching!
  4. hello guys, last summer sales got crazy respond and support, so I got something new and useful parts may attract you again: Replica Oakley SI turbo fan goggles (bk/de) as you could see in second photo, there is a fan beside the flame, it does include anti-fog transparent lens and black lens. using one 2A battery. asking for 40usd shipped. magpul enhanced xtm 32 pcs (bk/de), asking for 15usd shipped magpul handstop kit (bk/de), asking for 15usd shipped tangodown rail grip (de), asking for 15usd shipped surefire helmet light (bk), asking for 45usd shipped inforce tactical light (bk), asking for 45usd shipped magpul mbus2 (de), asking for 20usd shipped element replica surefire m600c (bk), 45usd shipped replica oakley gloves (bk/de), bk got size s,m, l, de got size s, m, asking for 20usd shipped magpul ms3 standard version (de/ atac/ od/ aor1), asking for 15usd shipped. magpul rvg (bk), asking for 15usd shipped. DD omega rail 9" (cb), asking for 59usd shipped DD MK18 RIS2 12" (bk), asking for 75usd shipped noveske nsr 13" with trademark (bk), asking for 79usd shipped thanks again for your watching, please pm me if you are interested. p.s. paypal only, not interested in trading.
  5. haha yes, and I am so happy to meet you guys!
  6. Hey guys, I got some items for your summer battles, please see the following photos and shipping cost is included in the price, enjoy! please pm me if you are interested! p.s. no trade, paypal only. Noveske 12" BK/CB: 65usd Noveske 15" NSR (without trademark) DE: 65usd URX 4 keymod rail 10" BK/DE: 50usd URX 4 keymod rail 13" DE: 55usd URX3 rail 12.5" DE: 75usd Standard ACOG 4x (not red dot): 75usd 553 BK: 65usd zombie stopper BK: 65usd XPS3-2 OPMOD DE: 65usd KAC qd silencer DE: 35usd MBUS PRO bk/de: 35usd MOE aeg motor grip BK/DE: 10usd CTR stock: 15usd MFT BUS stock BK/DE: 41usd FAB GL-MAG M4 stock (pmag is not included) BK: 45usd
  7. Before xmas, I would like to introduce you pmag in flash mag system. fast loading, just open the base plate of the pmag and pull. 360 rds, black and fde available. Asking for 18usd shipped, looking toward your pm! *paypal only.
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