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  1. Thanks ill see which one fits my budget and then decide. ill probably end upgrading my dboys
  2. how much better are the stock vfc internals than the dboys scar? B.T.W the main reason I've wanted the vfc scar is because of the externals
  3. Sorry I posted the wrong link ill fix it up and thanks 4 the advice :)
  4. it would be easier to get a new motor than to go into getting a lipo. From what I have heard a new motor can dramatically increase the rate of fire. and youd wouldnt need a new battery. :)
  5. I was wondering whether it would be better to upgrade my dboys scar ( barrel,motor,cylander and maybe the gearbox ) or if I should just get a higher end VFC scar *THIS ONE*. I don't know it just seemed illogical to upgrade a $160 airsoft and put upgrades the price of the airsoft while a newer one might preform better and be of higher quality than my dboys but im not sure if the vfc scar would be that much better than the dboys than to buy a new airsoft... Oh and BTW I need it for field and not cqb ( im not sure if the scar I put a link up to would be good for longer ranges ) and these are the upgrades I was gonna install in the dboys New stock ( the hinge broke on mine)) $45 G&P m120 motor $45 Madbull 6.03 tightbore 455mm($30) Mock silencer $30 - Thanks sorry if I wasnt clear....
  6. G&G high torque motor good? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=3897
  7. What are some good cheap motors around $45-60 that can give a crazy rate of fire and pull back an m120 ( 400 fps) spring?
  8. all right thanks guys :) question answered. I think I will go for the ares m4a1.
  9. Do you know were I can find any info on the ARES M4? I googled it and nothing really comes up
  10. Im not sure which one I should get, the KWA M4 RIS or the ARES m4 a1. I know KWA is a us company but I don't know about ares. I also don't know which one will preform better out of the box. BTW KWA M4 RIs is 400 fps while the ARES is only ~330 and I use .2 grams. Thanks for the help
  11. all right thank ya'll I think im gonna go with the madbull barrel and maybe guarder or systema hop up bucking
  12. dragon51

    Aftermath .2 g BBs

    all right thanks il try and see if I can get my dad to buy ammo from the internet. :)
  13. what would be the optimum distance to sight in a red dot sight and how should you sight it in? , thanks
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