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    All I've Owned (so far) DPMS Panther Arms M4 Carbine Both Elephant AUG Echo 1 614 WinGun M92FS Co2 Galaxy Colt 25 G&G/AirsoftGI G4-A1 Tac Carbine UTG M3L tri-shotty
  1. When I first started a little more than two years ago, I was given a transparent DPMS M4 for my birthday. I ended up buying an E1 614 6 months later, but still kept the M4. Suprisingly, the M4 lasted for about a year until the piston stripped, much longer than I expected! Pretty good for a plastic-bodied, plastic-gearbox M4 I'd say!
  2. welcome to the forum! glad to have you as a member.
  3. did you try a dfferent shell? it might be the spring in the shell mechanism that's no working
  4. considering that I buy and sell my guns a lot, I've spent: $105 dollars just on guns (I've owned 5 or 6) close to $125 on batteries, bb's, etc. so that's $230 in my 2 years of airsoft experience.
  5. there's this guy named "biggbarr" on airsoftsociety.com who's selling a G36. create an account or use a preexisting account on there and pm him. I'm sure he'd be glad to sell it to you.
  6. I rock a pretty low-cost loadout... Primary Matrix/AIM M4 (8mm Gearbox version) Foregrip NCStar Laser PEQ Box Reflex Red Dot Secondary UKArms Spring 1911 1x Mag Assault Loadout FDG CrossDraw Vest -radio pouch -2x primary mag pouch -3x secondary mag pouch -admin pouch -holster EAGear MLC Glasses Black Sweatshirt Woodland Camo pants 5x H-Caps 2x Smoke Grendades 1x speedloader 1x small bag of bb's Zan Neoprene Skull Mask Run'n'Gun Loadout OETech Hydro Backpack w/bladder Black Sweatshirt Woodland Camo pants FiDragon Dropleg Holster 3x H-Caps
  7. a buddy of mine rocks his black vest with classic woodland. looks pretty good in my opinion.
  8. looks like a DBoys SCAR with an aftermarket flashhider
  9. If you really want to knock someone down... I'd recommend the S&W M500 Magnum. Plus, it makes people crap themsleves when on the other end.
  10. both my team leaders hate each other... they take it to the battlefield too and it gets really annoying because they yell at each other during matches...
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