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  1. That is highly understandable. The last batch of BBKing was pretty bad lol.
  2. That would be very nice. I use to order BB's from you all the time; However, you have not had anything worth buying in months. I hope this changes soon. If it does I surely will be placing another order :-)
  3. The A&K stock motor is surprisingly good on the SR25. Mine has been running great on a semi only build with torque up gears (m160) spring
  4. I played speedball before getting into airsoft and learned to shoot on both sides about equally in skill. I have to say it gives me a major advantage when playing. I can keep my opponents guessing on what side of a bunker I am going to pop out on. I am left eye dominate and can only do this when I use my field or cqb gun when it has a red dot. When I am sniping with my SR-25 DMR. I only shoot lefty, it is too hard for me to use a scope with my right eye or iron sights for that matter. This has at times made me want to use a red dot instead of a scope on my sniper
  5. Nice guide I have a question I cracked the shell on my A&K SR-25. Its been shooting at 548fps for awhile now. Well it is actually starting to crack but still usable (for now). Will the a CA gearbox fit the AK receiver set without any major issues?
  6. Remember to pick up a few extra mags. mp5 mags do not hold anywhere near the amount as say an M4 style. I personally love mp5's but rarely field mine because of how much I hate the mags.
  7. I agree with airborne 100% percent. I have played in the rain many times both heavy and light. People need to understand that in "most" (advanced mosfets not included) airsoft guns there is no complicated or delicate electrical system. Basically the system is a switch motor and battery. As airborne said the biggest problem is rust. Make sure you dry everything after you play, do not wait until the next day other wise you will discover that your gun/gear has rusted a little. On a side note, cheap optics do not work well in the rain. I would be more worried about a red dot taking on water then the gun itself.
  8. If it is in fact the bucking lips. A way to test it is too take the barrel assembly out and while holding the barrel vertical with the hopup unit facing up. Insert a BB into the chamber and take an alien key or something like it and push the BB through the lips. How hard is it to push the BB through the lips? If it seems really easy to push the BB through, like it almost goes through without you even pushing then its a bucking/hopup issue.
  9. My JG MP5SD uses an m4 air nozzle and not a mp5 one. A lot of normal mp5s use this practice. The only mp5's that I have seen use a mp5 air nozzle are the mp5k's.
  10. Honestly I do not believe either of your problems are gearbox related. First of all are you using high quality bb's? If you are using decent bb's then. P90: I believe the bucking is damaged or not property installed. However, I would check that the air nozzle is function correctly. Do this by looking down into the hop up chamber where the bbs feed into the gun (without the mag in) and make sure that the air nozzle is moving back and fourth correctly. Also try a different mag if a friend or someone you know has one. M16: You said the Pmag did not feed. Have you tried another mag just to be sure it is not the mag? If the front end of the gun is really that lose, the outer barrel could have moved, allowing the hop up chamber to no longer be correctly seated against the gear box. I am not sure how you would tighten it on your particular gun. I am assuming if you remove the hand guard there will be some sort of nut where the outer barrel meets the upper receiver. If this is not the case then take the upper receiver off of the gun and turn it over and look for a screw under it most likely a hex head. This screw would be located right where the outer barrel goes into the upper(there maybe multiple screws holding it).
  11. Thanks buppus I just got the SHS m130 Installed and now I am shooting 466. So it was the guarder spring giving me problems. Now to hope that it shoots 450 once broken in but 16 fps difference maybe asking to much.
  12. True that is a viable option; however, I am going to save that for a last resort kind of thing. I prefer to try a few different springs first. Yea my compression is great, the gearbox compression is next to perfect. The SP130 has about 6000 shots through it. When I first installed the SP130 it was shooting about 438 and once it was broken it settled at 427ish. Parts: Prometheus 300mm barrel Systema bucking R-hop Stock G&G o-ring air nozzle Modify Cylinder Head (sorboed, I expect to lose a few fps from the sorbo) Modify 3/4 Cylinder Super Shooter Polycarbonate Piston I believe the piston head is a Modify polycarb bearing G&G metal bearing spring guide SHS 16:1 gears AWS raptor mosfet SHS High Torque Motor and I running it off of a 11.1 volt 2000mAh 15C -25C lipo (got to love crane stock battery space O.o) I am thinking of ordering a SHS M130 off of Cladestine and testing it out. For the $5 its worth it just to see what kind of numbers I get.
  13. Most of the fields around me have an fps limit of 450 and I am trying to get my m4 as close to that number as I can. I was running a guarder sp130 in my gun and it was shooting 427+-1 fps. Last night I got bored and decided to put a SHS m140 I had laying around in it. Once installed I chornoed it and it was shooting 491+-0 fps. This number is way higher then I expected to get out of a gun with a m140, 300mm barrel and a sorbo pad installed. I know a spring's fps will drop once broken it but I doubt it will drop by 40 fps. Anyone that has experience with an SHS m140, is it normal to get 491 fps out of it, taking into account the short barrel? O.o I already have 500+ fps DMR/Sniper I don't need another one lol. I am also beginning to think the guarder sp130 is a dud and it should be putting out more fps. I believe I have two options: find a different spring or break the SHS in and then cut it down a little at a time and keep trying it until I get the desired results.
  14. I can't believe a bill like this came to my state. Anyway I found another interesting bill sponsored by the same senator. S811 "Establishes crime of removing federally required orange tip from toy gun; establishes crime of disguising a firearm by adding an orange muzzle tip." http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2012/Bills/S1000/811_I1.PDF
  15. What battery are you running? I highly doubt a SHS high speed motor and 13:1 ratio gears will pull a m120 spring.
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