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    Toys that are owned or used to own: Monster Maruzen APS Type 96 (SOLD) G&P M16/M4 (Systema Internals) (SOLD) Tanaka M24 (For Trade) (Traded) Celcius CTW CQBR (Traded) G&P WOC SAM-R (RAT upgraded) (For sale) WANT TO HAVE ASAP: (AEG) Mk18 Mod 0 (AEG) M4 SOPMOD Block I Socom Gear 1911 (Black) TM Mk23 KSC/TM P226 G&P SR-25/M110 MORE GEAR (Multicam, RG, and Tan)
  1. Price will vary if the gun is preban or post ban. Preban are the more sought out and rarer so that will add quite a bit onto the price.
  2. Is this the new Rev 2 or the 1st Gen of P*?
  3. Oh wow thanks for that list Burto, I'm more of a guy who likes great trigger response and good range, but not really looking for a DMR. So in a sense I'm sort of wanting the balance between ROF and power so the happy medium. Also the places I go to usually have a 350-400 FPS limit so yea you basically hit the spot. The only problem is I have is that I suck at servicing my airsoft stuff and always rely on airsoft techs to help me or do it for me. I was looking at infected armory and wondering should I send my gun there to get it serviced?
  4. I would definitely consider that, but there are currently two Polar Star M4's on the forums. One has the externals I like, and the other has the accessories I need... Fate is quite cruel.
  5. Ok so I just recently came into a bit of money and just started up airsoft again. I was playing with my friend's old M4 and had a wave of nostalgia at the good old days where I had about 5 AEG's. Ok that aside so here's the deal. I have no AEG, no backup pistol, but I still have my gear. Ok so in order for me to start getting my own guns again I'm gonna need a good AEG, mags, and batteries and a charger. So here's the deal I have a lets say about 1000$ budget. I've been looking at the Magpul PTS beta project AK tactical and the G&P Mk18 Mod 1. However I realize that getting both is probably not a good idea. Though I love the magpul Ak I prefer performance over having multiple AEG's. What should I do? I'm guessing I need about 7-10 midcap mags, a custom AEG, and maybe if I have enough money a gbb. This is just what I think I need, but what would you do with 1000$? Mags, batteries (lipo), AEG (M4) are the essentials. How can I maximize this 1000$? Sorry if my grammar is weird, typed this on an Itouch as fast as I could.
  6. Not sure. For now I'm using it mainly for cqb, so I'm probably going to go with what I have right now. So basically like G&P gears, TM EG700 motor, DBC barrel, prommy hop up, and some other little pieces I forget. I need new mags though. The ones I have are kinda old so they don't feed too well. Also have a barrel conversion so that this can go from a Mk18 Mod 0 look to a SOPMOD Block I standard M4 look. Pretty sick.
  7. Thanks, yeah I really liked how the paintjob looks. Thats the only mag that painted though. The rest I have are all black.
  8. Here's a quick teaser of a near complete project of my primary AEG. Still a WIP, because I need to put in the internals. Enjoy! Criticism is welcome, this was inspired by the Mk 18 Mod 0, but not a exact replica. So stay away trolls! Bad pics. Yes I know.
  9. Bump, for an old and dying thread...
  10. Get ready to be flamed to hell and back for the patch you didn't earn... Also, try not to double post, and just edit your posts. But as for your loadout, its nice, particularly because its multicam. :P
  11. Bump, if you have Oakley glasses, PCU style softshell jackets, CB or Khaki PC/CIRAS rigs that you can part with, and at least 520 in paypal. PM ME ASAP.
  12. Bump, someone offer me a cash offer. I'll probably take it if its reasonable! OM NOM NOM NOM babies...
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