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  1. ^ Me neither. I've moved on to real-steel firearms and pretty much haven't had time to play airsoft in a looooong time (no outdoor games in 2 years, no cqb indoor games in a year) and have sold most of my airsoft guns (except for 2 rifles and 3 pistols) and still I will not follow this law and paint my guns neon orange or green or pink. In any case, does this mean that guns you guys buy from CA will have to be shipped to your states all day-glo? Because that'll add an extra cost for AS players in different states, since you'll have to either paint the guns black again or buy new bodies...
  2. I don't know.......the Big5 near me sells a Cybergun Thompson M1A1 for $270!! What a ripoff....
  3. well, the ICS v2 gearbox supposedly is a bit weak at the front, so maybe replacing the piston head with a duracon to reduce the strain?
  4. I just opened up the gearbox to check the compression. All the o-rings and parts were well-oiled, nothing was dry. The air nozzle and piston head passed the compression test. Not perfect compression, but not bad either. The piston, though, failed. It and it's o-ring are well-lubed, but the o-ring is very loose, and moves around if you push it with your finger. Is this normal?
  5. Ok so I took the barrel/hopup out today, covered the two holes for the bb intake and air nozzle, and blew on the other end. No air came out, just a lot of pressure on the fingers I was covering with. So I guess that rules the barrel/hopup out? (Here are some picture just in case)
  6. this really threw me off, dang. thanks for the info, though.
  7. Another +1 for the Cyma M14. The only difference between the short and long versions is aesthetics. I honestly think the full-size M14 looks sexy, while the SOCOM 16 looks a little stunted.
  8. Yes, yes. But Iwas under the impression that you meant getting hit in the eye WITHOUT eye protection. Or else what would be the point of including it in the poll???
  9. (I searched this and found a lot of good results, but was just wondering about my specific case). Ok, so I have a Thompson here that I last used (and chronoed) in July. It shot at 325fps with .25g BB's (roughly 365fps with .2?). Since then, I've installed a Madbull barrel, Systema bucking, Element white h-nub, and Guarder Revolution hi-speed motor. The gearbox has never been opened. Today, I went to the local airsoft shop to have deans installed on the gun and battery, since I don't have a soldering iron. After the installation, the guy chronoed my gun, which shot 265fps with .2g! Now, I know the obvious explanation is that I left the spring compressed since July, but I've shot it a couple times in my backyard between then and now, and I'm 95% sure I always decompressed the spring. If it isn't the spring, could it explained by: -a problem with the motor. I bought it "lightly used." -a problem with the battery or soldering (the Intellect 9.6v battery might not have had enough juice/charge) -Madbull barrel needed to be broken in -incorrect installation of new bucking, even though the tech looked down the barrel and said the hopup "seemed okay" I'm just curious, which of these reasons can I scratch off the list before I open the gearbox (AAAAH!) to switch out the spring?
  10. I voted M16, but there are far better rifles than either (IMO).
  11. Mild summer day OR overcast and cool, mainly because I hate getting hot and sweating like a pig and because sunlight glare kills me.
  12. The fail is strong with this one.
  14. It kills me to say this, but this project is gonna be canceled. Due to budgetary concerns, I've decided to cancel this project and sell the M14 I'm just going to keep my Thompson as my only rifle, since it can be used as both assault and CQB, and would thus be more useful. I just don't go airsofting as often anymore to legitimize spending so much money on a DMR.
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