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  1. Like the title says. M16 full stock, black, with all necessary hardware. Hopefully G&P, but must be compatible with G&P if not g&P brand
  2. I'm looking for the AABB break action grenade launcher pistol as pictured: Willing to pay up to $100
  3. Hey there, I'd like to purchase a medium pair of DE oakley gloves, a DE MS3 sling (from your old thread, but that one was further back and I didn't want to necropost), as well as a pack of DE rail ladders. and if you have them, 4 DE magpuls in 9mm
  4. something similar to the following: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=745_30_110&products_id=889 Must have integrated carry handle. Colt trades preferred on lower. Will accept just uppers though too!
  5. Not looking to spend over about $50 here, but I can work something out with you if necessary. I just need it as a prop.
  6. :C free bump anyway for a friendly guy
  7. Looking to pick up a couple of Airsoft guns, don't even need to have internals, just need to look decent enough for on screen usage. Looking for: 1-2 AK-model guns 1-2 Pistols 1-2 shotguns 1-2 MP5 type (collapsable stock) Shoot me a PM!
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