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  1. Ok, I don't care how many enemies I create here, so here goes: I hate when people say FPS doesn't matter. I know it doesnt mean your guns awesome, if your hop-up, barrel, and compression suck, FPS means NOTHING. But if all your systems are working great FPS will totally help you. Im talking snipers more here, but a sniper on the same setup barrel and hop-up wise, but one is at 380 FPS and one is at 450-460, you WILL see a gain, as the BB will take longer to slow down. And TM's are an exception, somehow the Japanese sprinkle some magic dust in there, and they become godly (Not really, but I don't feel like getting into why TM's are good) Also, I really doubt that thing about 182 FPS, Spundenater, if you show me some kind of proof, I will eat my words and enjoy them
  2. First of all, look at my field before you assume that. Second of all, my field has 2 bases within 150' of eachother, just out of anyones AEG's effective range, so I only need to stay behind cover and make shots from about that far away, so a stack gun with a few compression mods (piston head screw tefloning, new o-ring, more teflon) should be more than sufficient. Also, I personally LOVE ACU, and it works very well at my field, its full of semi-dead grass, and other lighter colored terrain.
  3. Ok, so I'm getting a full sniper loadout, and I was wondering what would be the best equipment. Heres my loadout, gun and all so far: 1. UTG MK96 in ACU (I like ACU, and it goes at my field) ($140) 2. AirosftGi 3-9x Scope ($27) 3. Im not sure about elbow and kneepads, so if you could suggest some (~$40) 4. ACU pants and a shirt, most likely Military Surplus. 5. BioShotBB .30's ($17) 6. Anything I'm forgetting?
  4. So I'm looking at getting my first GBB, and I was looking at the WE Hi Capa Dragon 5.1 (LINK). Would this be a good choice for my first GBB? It will probably only be skirmished once or twice, and it will be used lightly in those. You can supply other suggestions, but it has to be available in silver, as I care alot about the looks, I also want to keep the price as close to $100 as possible, I'd say $135 at max. Thanks
  5. How many rounds have you put through that thing?
  6. Looks Great! I would like to point out that this wouldn't work in many M4's such as the Combat Machine. I've tried stabilizing the barrel in that and theres almost NO space between the inner and outer barrel.
  7. So how does this sound for a setup? This: Matrix 6.03 Tightbore, PDI M115 Spring,SCS / PCS Nub, Systema Bucking, a #14 o-ring, G&P M120 Motor, Anything I'm forgetting?
  8. So your saying to get an SP110 over an M120? I also want to replace my cylinder head and o-ring. What would be good for that?
  9. Well, I already have a tightbore, and a systema bucking, but I need a SCS spacer. I also want to install an M120 into the gearbox to put my FPS up to right under 400. I already use .25's... but theyre matrix, so I need to upgrade my BB's as well. Thanks man.
  10. Ok, so I have a CM M4 with about 40k-50k round through it. I have never opened the gearbox, or the gearbox of any other gun for that matter. But anyway, I want to upgrade it for mainly range, the rof is plenty already, and a slight fps boost and would like some suggestions. If anyone has a good dissasembly guide (I know how to get the gearbox OUT of the gun, but not apart.) they would be greatly appreciated.
  11. MOSIN-NAGANT! I shot a real one once... that was just plain secks
  12. REALLY GUYS!? Please have some responses by the time I get back from Colorado... and don't have them be about Colorado.
  13. Get an Elite 9.6v 2000mah DOUBLE NUNCHUK, from Cheapbatterypacks.com. Its about $28 and its the best deal out there. Also, is your current battery a regular nunchuk with the Green Elite cells?
  14. Hey, So my friend was looking into a grenade launcher, and he found this: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=32199. Its a pretty good deal, with 2 shells and some BB's for $125, but I was wondering if anyone knew the quality on this. Also, would this fit an AK model, (The Pulse R76...Blah)(AGAIN FOR MY FRIEND NOT ME!!!). So, to wrap this up, 1. Hows the quality on this thing, and 2. Will it fit a Pulse R76. Thanks.
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