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  1. The m700 is a great platform for upgrading. You just might get annoyed because you'll find that most times, it will shoot very terribly without an air rig of some sort, and I mean terribly. Although they have the normal consistency problems, they are a great deal of fun to play with considering the effortless bolt pull and the realistic action. I've done quite a few youtube videos circled around the Tanaka gas system, specifically with the kjw M700 and the G&G G96. For 200 dollars you really won't get much. Some websites have the G&G G96, which is basically an upgraded version of the Tanaka M700 AICS, for around 200 dollars. It is a great deal in my opinion, but if you want to have some more flexibility in upgrading and customizing, go for the KJW M700 as it is more compatible with aftermarket parts than the G&G G96. Check out my channel for some references if you want to. http://www.youtube.com/user/FatSoftAir?feature=guide
  2. Hey guys, I'm really in need of a KJW or Tanaka M700 hop up adjustment wheel. The one that sits on top of the scope rail. The G&G G96 one is too short so I'm in need of on of those. If you have one laying around or one that you don't need, please message me or respond. Thanks! I will pay!
  3. Here is a few pictures of my G&G G96. Has 6.01 tightbore, falcon bucking, 2Roy vsr conversion, and of course an air rig.
  4. I made this video recently on installing my 2Roy/Spartan Doctrine Vsr conversion kit into my G&G G96. This should help those of you who are new at this when it comes to installation. I don't show the drilling of the nozzle in the power bolt, but I will show before and after in order to explain how the procedure should be done. enjoy.
  5. Hey guys, I'm about to receive my 2roy vsr conversion kit in the mail, and I'm wondering if any of you actually have had the experience of replacing the original power bolt nozzle with the longer nozzle. I am aware that the nozzle is actually part of the bolt face and not removable, so I'd like to get some opinions and methods that you may have used to install that nozzle securely. Thanks
  6. But soo expensive compared to most other airsoft optics.
  7. I could probably do the slide mounted co-witness red dot, but I would need a way to mount the red dot to the slide itself. I have enough material to drill away at, but not enough to tap threads and screw into. Also, there is an airsoft RMR for around 100 dollars at airsoftglobal.com
  8. Hey guys, I know that in real steel pistols, especially glocks as of late, have been using the micro red dot sights integrated into the slide through a milled out area. I'm wondering if any of you have ever thought of or tried this to their own pistols. If so, give me some feedback on how it went, or how you think it would go, or how you would do it yourself.
  9. Yes that is what I did to my g96 barrel as well. I cut the barrel down to 20 inches and made a threaded adapter out of an m4 outer barrel extension.
  10. Most likely not, since it takes so damn long/
  11. I will happily test the regular barrel rounds through my air rigged kjw. I have a youtube channel, and I could make accuracy tests with those no hop rounds. youtube.com/fatsoftair Let this baby see some rounds!
  12. Lol that's why I linked ehobbyasia because most us sites don't have them in stock.
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