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  1. Well, I just ordered a type 56 from precision airsoft. Thanks for the help in making a decision everybody.
  2. I originally looked into real swords, but nowhere seems to have them in stock. Where can I get one? EDIT: VFC guns also seem to be out if stock everywhere, where can I find them?
  3. I recently decided to take the leap from clones to better guns, and I want an AK variant. I was thinking about g&g's RK47, (with the real wood) but haven't found much about it. Is it any good? Are there any other recomendations for a similar price? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=2821
  4. Alright, thanks. I think I'm going to order from Airsoft Megastore, they seem reputable, and I've heard bad things about every site.
  5. No, I haven't been able to reach them in any way. I really want to find somewhere reputable that'll sell this gun. http://www.aspecairsoft.com/index.php?p=1_19 This site looks suspicious too, but I think I read somewhere that they're not that bad.
  6. Recently I've been looking to buy a Cyma CM 035a with the real wood foregrips. I have searched quite a few sites with no avail. All sites are either out of stock or don't seem reputable. Here's some options I considered: -Wait and buy from ASGI. Seems like a safe bet, but I might have to wait a while. -Order from Airsoft Mega Store. I've heard mixed reviews about this site. -Pre-order from Evike. More mixed reviews, but Evike seems more reputable than Airsoft Mega Store, and I'd still have to wait. -Order from Weapon Blender. Seems like another safe bet, but I am unsure about which version of the gun I will get from them, the plastic foregrip or the wood foregrip. -Buy used. I think I can trust many of the sellers on this site, but I would prefer to buy new if I can. So ASF, what should I do?
  7. I recently bought a DPMS A17 by Cybergun (stop laughing). I can't return it because I threw away the packaging, and I just recently discovered this site. I was wondering if there are any metal gearboxes that are compatible with this gun. Also, how much do tightbore barrels usually run?
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