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  1. why are all you guys saying porting is a bad hing? from edgi its only five bucks more... theretically the porting of the barrels would but less resistance on the bb when it is exiting because of more places for air to escape correct? so it sounds like its more of a hinder than a help... why?
  2. so hobosuar, that link that you gave me said it is for a M120 to a M140. im running a M150... or should I just get osrac's custom "hurricane magnum" motor? I really want a motor that can handle my setup (even with the lipo mentioned in my first post)
  3. (I hope this is the right place to put this post) is the thunder b flash bang (only bang lol) as good as everyone says? or is there a better one? or even a louder one?
  4. well a month ago I toatally destroyed my systema magnum. (m150 spring with a 11.1 40c 5000 mAh lipo makes a lot of smoke pour out of the motor. (I think I need a smaller battery)) so I was looking for another magnum and I only found one on airsplat! where did they all go? I only want to use airsplat as a last resort... but is there anything better than a magnum or am I stuck ordering from airsplat? HELP!!!
  5. well I don't know if they know that you are using a 600+ fps gun... they might think its a spring sniper....
  6. im about to buy some .43 for my sniper... I have been looking at madbulls and WE. which one is better? or do you have other suggestions?
  7. ya no problem. this was my first guide and I guess I did pretty good... but yeah, im gonna use some sort of .43 (either madbull, WE, or maruzen... havent desided yet...) but I wont use super grand masters because they are too light no matter how good they are made... (its kinda like putting .12 in your aeg and they always go flying no matter how much hop up you use...
  8. ok I finally got my stuff from evike today and I installed the scs and all that and I am going to post here how to do it! ok so you start out with you gun, a nineball, and a scs. alright now unscrew the three screws I have shown here and also pull out the magazine well/trigger guard now pull off the top receiver from the lower receiver now between the outer barrel and the hop up, (only for KJW M700's I believe) there will be a circular thing with holes in it what I usually do is get an allen wre4nch to do this part (as shown above) you put the longer end of the allen wrench into one of the holes and you pull torwards yourself if the barrel is faceing left (you would push away if the barrel was fasing right) do this untill you completelly unscrew the outer barrel from this circular thing. now slide the outer barrel off from the inner barrel ok. now locate the hopup and there should be this circular nub type thing... you gotta push that out alright. once you pushed that nub out you can remove the barrel and the hopup from the upper reciever so now at the end of the hop up, (plastic part going around the barrel) there will be a set screw and you need to unscrew this. (there will also be another set screw on the opposite side to... you also need to unscrew that one) there is also another set screw on the bottom of the hop up that you need to unscrew ( kinda hard to see...) now you can pull off the inside part of the hop up so now unscrew that one little screw now that should split into two parts now put your scs into that slot right there. if it is to toght then sand down the sides a LITTLE then try again. if it is to tight again, then sand down a little more. you can always sand more off but you cont put more on... so now put on your nineball bucking and make sure the seam on the bucking lines up with the grove in the barrel.. as shown ok now put the two parts together around the nineball bucking. make sure you have you scs in place... and make sure the scs was a little loose and can move... also, use that screw and screw the two parts of this together. alright. now to make sure that you installed the scs correctly, use something to push down the scs. (I used a thin Allen wrench) (this stimulates the hop up pushing down the scs nub.) if you see a lump form (like what happened in the picture) then you installed the scs and the nineball bucking correctlly. if that doesnt form, then try again... don't forget to Teflon tape. and now you are done! just put everything back together and watch how more accurately youre gun shoots. to begin with, my gun shot really bad because my bucking was ripped.. lol I didnt find that out until I did this guide haha... but it shoots the bb way more consistent.. it has even shown me that I need a heavier bb... ( at like 150 feet my .32s curve up like .2s haha... ) I hope this guise helped
  9. lol holy cow man you don't know your home state that well lol... and no, I havent been to any first sword events. but sometime soon (idk when) I might go to evergreen with team S.T.A.C.
  10. ah... I live in the snohomish area... well all of those buckings you listed are for AEGs... but you only have to modify the scs a little bit to make it work... and in my opinion, the scs is the best... and thats why im gonna use it
  11. lol haha I live in washington to! lol maybe we could airsoft sometime... ok. I would fully 100% go with the scs. the pcs has pointed tips on the sides so after a while your bucking will rip. the scs is far smoother on the sides and ripping wont occur. I wouldnt use the madbull one at all because that is an AEG bucking not a vsr bucking so that wont work at all...
  12. yep, no problem. but if evike wouldnt take so long to ship their orders I would have had the guide posted by now :p
  13. ya I know for sure that you have to modify it and I will post pics up by how much you need to modify it and all that stuff...
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