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  1. where is a good spot to get those hard to find older springer rifles? I had a panther arms m4a1 a few years ago. I needed a few bucks and sold it and havent seen another. it likes like the cheap one in the "on duty" kit. except it had quite a bit of metal and the upper/lower was two separate pieces. for some reason I just want one again. I looked at the "kitty kat" and cant seem to get one of those either. maybe I havent looked in the right places?
  2. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7027 one of these would be good. I have one and they are pretty strong.
  3. I havent and wont use it so whoever wants it can have it. it says it never expires but you may have to create an account with them. if whoever gets it has problems using it we'll figure it out. but hey..................its free.
  4. I had one of them and the only thing that was impressive was the look and feel. the spring action was decent but the electric was miserable. my suggestions first simply check the batteries you are replacing also look into getting rechargeable batteries; it EATS up batteries second, check to be sure there isnt any corrosion or dirt on the battery tabs third if you feel comfortable doing it, take the panel where the batteries are installed and check the wiring for disconnects or frays its not that big a deal to get the battery box off to see the wiring but don't do anything you arent confident you can fix. worse case scenario you have a springer that is usable
  5. I would recommend any of the HD aiptek products. I have owned a couple of their products and you cant go wrong. they are also multimedia so they hold mp3's, voice recordings, etc. the one I have now is 1080p and is superb. I picked it up from kmart for about 70 dollars. I think they have an amazon store that offers used and refurbs. you tube reviews are abundant if you want to check out the quality. they go straight to sd or internal memory as well.
  6. what do you mean by "opening" your gun? if your are talking about just disassembling the body itself then just take your time and remember where every thing goes. maybe sketch out a "map" or make a list as you go to help you put things back. its not rocket science but it is challenging and somewhat intimidating the first time you try. was for me anyway; still is I guess. if you are talking gearboxes then thats a whole other story. I don't even go there myself b/c I don't need or want to. I would say if you want to go the route of learning gearboxes get a boneyard gun to start. if you make a mistake and it gets jakd up even worse than it was you still have extra parts for the gun(s) you have. there are lots of people here that are really good at it so ask lots of questions and dig around youtube for explanation videos. I started taking apart spring guns just to get a few of the general mechanics and then tried the gearbox on a broke down SRC m4 I had a long time ago. granted the spring gun wasnt the same at all but it does show you how compression, etc works. then you can crack open the gearbox of the electric and destroy it like I did. its a worthwhile endeavor if you are mechanically inclined. may even be profitable if you get skilled enough to do it for others and charge a fee.
  7. its a good gun to start out with. it doesnt have any outer metal parts except the body pins I think. the receiver does separate just like any other mid and high grade guns. it hits pretty hard and almost has a "kick" to it. the rate of fire is nothing to snot at either. here's the AS GI video on it. I THINK the 416(link below) is the same way, being upgrade compatible but I'm not sure. http://www.airrattle.com/DE_614_AEG_Airsof...un_p/m804a1.htm
  8. I have this one and according to G.I. it is upgradeable with lots of high end stuff but I think its pretty good straight from the box. there is a video somewhere on the website explaining its capabilities. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7027
  9. return it, try again. if you have the same problem get your money and order offline. the only reason I say exchange it is, I had one before and they arent bad to start out with. I never had any problems. and of course walmart will except returns on pretty much anything.
  10. I think the first thing to consider is finding a mag that would work with the set up. everything has to line up just right I think. I would look into buying another junk gun for as cheap as possible. especially for such a trial and error project. whats the motivation for the project? if it is just for fun I say chop away and see what happens. I don't think its impossible but its going to be a valuable learning experience to say the least. gearboxes of any kind freak me out a little. my first real aeg was an src many moons ago. it started acting up and I stripped it down thinking "this will be a piece of cake". ended up with a whole buncha parts I had no use for a no gun to boot. post pictures of your progress as you go.
  11. can you detail your process plan a little more? I think this is an interesting idea that has been tossed around before.
  12. wondering if I can replace the xm8 release with a g36 release. I am getting a free xm8 springer that has a "defective" release. I don't know whats wrong with it but if it needs to be replaced I figure a g36 release shouldnt be hard to find.
  13. airsplat has a boneyard boyi/dboys lpeg that has "no power to the gearbox" listed as a defect. what could be the problem with that? if it is an easy or reasonably feasible fix I am going to pick it up.
  14. well, after a few years and quite a few orders from them, I have finally run aground a problem. not a major one but a problem just the same. it goes like this. I get their newsletter and updates in my email. they often send discounts and inventory offers from time to time. they sent one about 3 weeks ago that offered a 20 dollar gift certificate when you post 4 online store reviews with their selected sites. I happily obliged seeing as I have never had a negative experience with them. I took the time to make accounts with the review sites and gave positive feedback ratings. now 3 weeks later, I have no gift certificate and zero response to 3 pleasant emails. its probably not a big deal as it was offered as an "eligible" gift, which means they have the right to refuse it if they want. but its not a very good way to keep customers, especially ones that are repeats. I would like to see them hold to their offer. if airsplat happens to read this, I would like to hear some sort of specifics on the promotion itself and maybe clear up any mis communications.
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