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  1. You do realize that most of the problems facing minorities today are a product of their decision to vote for a party that does nothing but throw them further in the hole they are in? They are "dependent" on a welfare system that does nothing but encourage further failure. The few who actually want to work cant find decent jobs because over-regulation of industries and the power-hungry unions make it almost impossible for modern business to operate without outsourcing to foreign countries. Look at the UAW, some of the most overcompensated employees in the country,(cant top congress though ) and what do they do? Assembly line work, simple, manual labor that can be taught in a few days time. And what Greenace was referring to was the "the po-po is out to get ya son" mentality that is taught to many "urban youth" these days. On eugenics, there is a huge difference between the government sanctioned exectution of millions of "unfit" people, and letting idiots get what's coming to them. Don't we teach "survivial of the fittest" and Evolution in public school?Why don't we practice it within reason?
  2. Did anyone think of the possibility that these " young boys" may have had an illegal use for these guns? I mean, look at the facts of the news story-a group of young males, in Los Angeles, defying orders from a armed police officer, brandishing what looks like a 9mm pistol. I think it would be alot easier for a aspiring criminal to get ahold of a cheap airsoft gun than the real thing, even with all the "gun show loopholes that let teh criminalz get teh scary black assaultriflemachinegun with baby-head seeking bullets!!" On teachers carrying, hell yes, the only problem is some libtard will whine about how a teacher will snap one day and kill his students, (not like he couldnt go get a gun and come back) it would probably make the wannabe columbine kiddies think twice before shooting a school up.The only reason people go on shootings in Gun-free zones?) is because they know bullets will only be flying in one direction. One lawfully armed citizen can throw a wrench into their plans. With students, "may-issue"( local Sheriff personally ok's you for Concealed Carry) carry for those under 21 could work, only problem is that a minor can't own a handgun, with some loopholes.But we can run around with rifles and shotguns to our hearts content. Thats the Brady-Campaign's "commonsense gun control" for ya!
  3. From a response from the ATF found on a paintball forum: The design characteristics of the ported barrel and outer sleeve are similar to those of conventional commercial silencers. The barrel is ported to allow the escape of gases from a fired round and the outer sleeve dampens or muffles the sound when a round is fired. Moreover, the sound meter test indicates a reduction of 7.98 decibels when the ported barrel and sleeve were attached to a .22 caliber pistol, which is consistent with the sound reduction resulting from the use of commercial silencers. Noteworthy, the definition of “firearm silencer” and “firearm muffler” requires that the device be one for diminishing the report of a portable firearm. The device under consideration is permanently attached to and an integral part of a paintball gun, which is not a firearm as defined in the GCA or NFA. The device cannot be removed from the paintball gun without destroying the barrel and rendering the paintball gun unusable. Under these circumstances, the integral device is not a firearm muffler or firearm silencer. However, once the device is cut from the paintball gun, it can be used to diminish the report of a firearm. As stated previously, the design characteristics of the device are consistent with those of commercial silencers, and testing indicates that the device functions to reduce the report of the firearm. Moreover, removal of the device from the paintball gun indicates some intention to utilize the device for something other than reducing the report of the paintball gun. Because the device will no longer be permanently attached to an unregulated item, and because of its silencer design characteristics, removal will result in the making of a silencer under the NFA and GCA. Pretty much, It has to be PERMANENTLY attached, the manufacture by an unlicensed person is illegal without approval by the ATF and a $200 tax stamp. If we can go by the ATF's ruling on the GBBR m4's, I doubt super glue would count, giving that they define "minimal work" as 8 hours or less with pretty much any machining device known to man, permanently attached in this case was having the suppressor welded onto the barrel, as well as having the barrel welded to the reviever of the gun. Really best bet is to make it quickly removable, transport it seperately from the gun, don't go around bragging about your "super leetz silencers that workz on teh real guns", and if LE shows up at the field for what ever reason, remove it, the last thing we need is an Airsoft version of Waco
  4. A gas rifle with a "nonworking" suppresssor would be the most silent, as you wont have a piston striking the cylinder head and the other things that contribute to noise in a spring gun. If you want to go with spring, Ive built a silenced spring rifle from a Bar-10, you need to put foam everywhere, even the stock and inside the outer barrel, use a piston with a airbrake, put padding on the cylinder head-I used very dense rubber. I added a "nonworking" suppressor with a 650mm ported barrel, and it was noticeably quiter. If you can find one, a g-spec would be a good base, as it fits your short and light requirements, but it was mentioned in another thread that the jg's are getting hard to find. try not to talk to much about making working suppressors, use pm's if you need help with that
  5. If you want to go spring, a Bar-10 with tightbore-$70-120-edgi or pdi Sears-polarstar makes nice ones-$55 Piston-polarstar-$35 Spring Guide-$15 Barrel Spacers Better bucking spring to suit your fps limits If you want to go gas, itll require more work,(fine tuning and TLC) but I personally prefer it more-less bolt pull, less complicated hop-up(with the kjw and 2roy conversion. Rifle-Tanaka/kjw or Ares/Well Air rig-check Brainplay's guide on the tanaka sub-forum tightbore A kjw is $200, air rig can cost about $120-150, a tightbore can cost 30-100 depending on brand. im using a madbull in my kjw and its shooting fine for a $30 barrel, The Well is $250, takes AEG barrels and bucking, cost should end up being about the same.
  6. Google is your friend here, and will help keep the forum free of clutter. If you still have the sling swivel studs, you just need sling swivels, walmart, or a hunting store(cabela's or Gander MTN) should have them, its not a part unique to the BAR-10. A lot of slings already have the swivels attached,also.
  7. What exactly do you want? is the 400 for gun+upgrades, or gun only? Define "good and accurate". Also, is this your first gun? if so get an AEG first.
  8. That's why im switching to a semi-auto for most games. A 300' shot is not needed 95% of the time, but providing quick,accurate, long distance fire while at the same time providing valuable information is needed in every game. Most of the time, we(my spotter and I) would relay intel to our team while overlooking the opposing team's base,and the highly accurate bolt gun would be useless, because we couldnt risk giving away our position. Recon can be done with pretty much any weapon, and a semi-auto gives the sniper team a tremendous firepower advantage in the event of compromise. I don't think anyone adressed tactics on long ops, which is where a sniper could be most effective as far as recon goes.More time to observe, and usually a slower pace of gameplay. I usually go out during long games(>4 hours) not as one 2-man team, but a six man unit, with 2 sniper teams, and a support team. We all carry aeg's in additon to sniper weapons, and it allows us to operate more as a reconnaissance patrol than a sniper team if needed. During movement to an objective, the sniper teams will move to observe, while the security team hangs back close enough to support both teams if compromised. Having two sniper teams in different positions wreaks havoc on the opposing team's mindset. after a couple of hours of harrassing shots from different locations they seem to think that there are snipers in every bush and tree. After a game one guy couldnt believe there was only two snipers shooting, he thought there were at least four shooters.
  9. You're really supposed to cut the groove for the hop-up into the barrel, but you can get away without doing it if you just put it on there and clamp the hop-up unit down. Try and find a lathe, or a dremel and steady hand to cut the groove later. The vsr bucking has a ring of rubber at the end toward the muzzle that helps with airseal. you will cut a groove for that to fit into. try and find a vsr or bar-10 barrel to look at exactly what you need to do. Im not sure if 590 mm is long enough to reach the barrel cap to stabilize the barrel though, it might be short by an inch or so. Test it first like I said before cutting it.
  10. Did you have a traumatic experience with an AR as a child? Have you actually built a DMR/high fps set-up from both platforms and have proof to back up these claims, Gunny himself said that he owns a dmr of both GB types, and there is no appreciable difference at high levels of upgrading, which is the only level that such tiny differences would matter. Im not trying to call you out but when someone puts forth blank statements like "all ARs are inferior" and doesnt support them with REAL evidence like Gunny had, it confuses the OP and puts wrong info out there now to the supposed "faults" of the AR platform --Bad hop-up chamber-only difference is what operates the hop-up arm, gears vs drum. the drum can be just as inconsistent if not asembled properly. other options available,(madbull, Prommy NEO) --Weak Gearbox-Radius, Sorbo, STS or 2gx/ICS shell, The guy helping me with my ICS dmr has a 500 fps AR dmr that has seen thousands of cycles. Look up the video of the STS being used to hold a CRACKED dboys shell together at 500 fps full auto --average barrel length in relation to competitive rifles--not really a valid point. m14, g36, ak and AR platforms all have similar barrel lengths available(20' down to 10' --barrel length in relation to bullpups--true, only problem is people sometimes don't like the look of them.
  11. that's good that it fits, and personally I like the look of it, there is a version of the kit with a crane stock, but I want the folding stock more
  12. I just got a cyma ak in a trade, and am looking to add this G&P conversion kit every other metal body was $50+ and this comes with an extra mag, grip, folding stock, and the slant compensator. My question is has anyone used this kit or the G&P metal body. It seems like all that ill use from the cyma would be the GB, barrel and hop, and gas tube/front sight. But will it fit on the cyma?
  13. Not to threadjack, but im starting a fiberglassed a3 stock in about a week. im building a foam base, then layering on 4-5 layers of fiberglass. The wood+fiberglass will be extremely heavy and it would probably be hard to do the magwell, the foam will do well if you apply the fiberglass right, and be extemely light for its strength, A 1/4 inch block of foam with 3 layers of fiberglass on each side will hold a 180lb man with a little flex, so strength wont be a problem. As for the scope mount, you can buy one of these scroll down to the rem 700 listing Relatively expensive, but if you qd mounts are RS, it should solve your problem.(I think) Awesome work on the stock by the way
  14. Im pretty sure it would fit, the G&G is just a clone/upgrade of the tanaka, ill be trying one out for a new build.
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