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  1. Hi, my son has the sportline M4 metal body, and he has been having a lot of trouble with it "locking up", he has to loosen the motor up and you can hear it spin a little, then he tightens the screws and it shoots? We just opened the gearbox and updated to a Mosfet trigger. and it still does it? Any ideas? Thanks
  2. We have gone to S4 tactical often, my brothers live down there and they are the ones that got us into it! It is very addictive, there isn't much over here, if there is enough interest, we may even try and open a store!
  3. Hey, I am new to this forum, me and my 13 y/o son are getting involved and are looking to bring more airsoft to the NE OR and WA. We are currently working on a outdoor course outside of Hermiston. We hope to have something going soon, and it we would like to hold some games there. Let me know what you think!
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