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  1. Been out of the sport for about 2 years. Cars took more of a priority as a hobby. I miss it and am currently looking to get back into it. Moved out here from Minnesota this spring and was wondering if I can get some field recommendations. I live in Dover, DE and am definitely willing to travel to play. All I know about the area is that Shorty's just closed their field, haha.
  2. What kind of turnouts to you guys receive, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. I know my ATP uses Glock flash lights, so yours should also be able to use Glock lasers. I can't personally recommend one, but there are plenty on Ebay. PP
  4. " https://www.facebook.com/events/445007675618995/ This is an operation style airsoft event hosted by Unknown Airsoft and Big Lake Tactical Wargames on October 5th. Enterprise Island (Presented by Unknown Airsoft & Big Lake Tactical Wargames) The world’s energy is at an all-time low and is becoming life threatening. Major cities are running hourly blackouts to conserve as much as possible. Smaller cities have fallen almost completely off the grid. With the recent re-discovery of Enterprise Island located near the western coast of Hawaii things may be looking up. Enterprise Island was a test location for industrial power plants. The island has four plants that are coal, fuel, nuclear, and hydro-electric energy. The first countries to arrive on the island are Japan and the United States. These countries use the last of their fuel supply to make an effort to reach the island. With the world’s immediate need for energy it suddenly turns into all-out war over energy. With little fuel they may realize it is hopeless to make it back in whole… RULES- Enterprise Island will be a full day operation with a break in the middle for lunch. This game is intended to be a more in depth and interactive scenario designed to advance you’re skills and broaden the spectrum of airsoft gameplay. It is preferred that everything you will need to play for a whole day is brought to central command located at the center of the playing field. The United States team will be marked with lime green duct tape to differentiate teams. Teams may end up being split in a way to where you may be against your friends and/or your squad members. The objective of the game is to finish the day off as the team with the most points whether you earn them by power, teamwork, or a combination of skills. Points will be awarded in varying value for every one energy source captured. To capture you must find and secure one sample of an energy source from one of four power plants. Some plants may have special transports. Miscellaneous objectives will be presented throughout the day for bonus tickets and can be activated by contacting a designated role player. The game will start with both countries on opposite sides of the ravine and they will be searching for old “blue prints” of the island which may give locations of the plants. Other than these maps teams will have no previous knowledge of the plants locations. Teams will be given a roll of white masking tape to be used as a medic rule. Each arm can be taped once during each life. After each arm is taped and you are hit again you must then return to central command to re-spawn. You do not have to use the medic rule if you choose not to you must return to central command and re-spawn. Some energy samples may or may not have extra value or special properties. All in all the idea is just to have fun with a more in depth/role playing style game. As far as fps and safety the standard Big Lake Tactical rules are in place. TIME FRAME- 10:30 am-Gates Open/– 11:30 am-Safety/Rules Brief – 12:00 pm-Game Start 6:00 pm-Game End *PERSONAL FIELD MAP HIGHLY RECCOMENDED" PP
  5. Do you have any pictures of the fields? Also, no FPS limits? Or am I just reading this wrong? PP
  6. I've never used real plates, but I cut ones out of 1/2 inch cardboard covered multiple times in packing tape. They make a huge difference in the feel of the vest to me, and I'll never go back. Not to mention I suppose the cardboard does take away from bb impacts to the chest and back if you're that worried about it. But yeah, I couldn't personally see wearing real ones. PP
  7. Looks like a Red Ryder bb gun. (Note the stock) Not sure on model, though. And it is not an airsoft gun. PP
  8. Looking for a pistol light, but am not sure what brand would be the best. The more compact the better as I plan on putting it in a soft holster. It has to be bright and be LED. I would really love to find one that has a strobe feature, but it's not a necessity. I would also like to keep it under $75. Will be mounted on a KWA ATP Auto. I believe Evike's picture shows it with the Matrix one like down below. Currently looking at these 2 but am looking at any recommendations. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=30618 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=4704 PP
  9. ^This. Let's all think logically here, if you were on the seller's end, you'd rather do it all on one shot than part out a few things and have plenty of leftovers. Not to mention having to box and keep track of shipping each and everyone's small order in the sea of a huge collection. PP
  10. I have to disagree with you there. I've owned 4 JG G36s, and JG stomps Umarex. The internals are far better on them and externals feel better to me. But PP, there's not full trades or a warranty!! I could care less. You don't need a warranty that extends any farther than the one the online retailer gives you because it's not going to break unless it comes broken, in which case the retailer should offer a refund or exchange. The blowback is also a joke. It's just another part that can break or get in the way if upgrading the gearbox which would be a must for me to own a Umarex. What about the scope you say? They're bad. Well I shouldn't say that, I should say that they are impossible to use if wearing full seal goggles. Target acquisition takes way to long, and you have to actually press your goggles lens to the scope to see. I replaced mine with 'C' carry handles. I've treated my JGs like crap, and they've all held up great. I've only had one lock up due to a bad shim job. Had it redone, and it works great. And as far as price goes, JG G36s frequently pop up on Craigslist gently used for quite cheap. I paid $80 for a 'C' that was practically new and $90 for a 'K' that was practically new. So I guess the choice is yours in the end. Personally, I wouldn't pay over $80 more just for trademarks and an inferior product. I'm very biased, but that's what I think and comes from my experience with them. PP
  11. Yours is cool, not going to lie. I'm just not a fan of painting guns. Hydro-dipping on the other hand... PP
  12. Very nice. Tough to tell by the pictures, what kind of receiver is that? PP
  13. I think the interest is there, but I believe an actual said price would determine whether they would sell or not. PP
  14. If I do ever make a stubby killer, this is how it will be done. G&G FF15 base, G&P front end, 551, pink G&G vert grip, and pink MagPul enhanced XTMs. PP
  15. Alberty and Coyote pretty much summed it up. If you're not fully stuck on an M4, maybe look into the JG G36 line(I'm a little bit partial. ). I've owned 4, 2 "c" variants, a "k", and a standard. The "c" is the shortest performs great in both CQB and Field straight out of the box. Not to mention it's not bulky and the polymer body stands up to a lot of beating. The thing about these G36s is they're harder to find online due to crackdowns on H&K trademarked guns. I've ended up purchasing 3 of mine off of Craigslist and got them for under $90 each gently used, which is actually below your price range. It leaves you room for other accessories. Best of luck with whatever you get! PP
  16. Haha, that's just begging to be sigged. But yeah, wouldn't want to deal with him at my field. PP
  17. Here is an example of one of his old sale threads: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/lofivers...hp/t211171.html It sounds like you are looking for a tan 551 or like an XPS. Best way to know what he has in stock is to PM him. Here is his profile: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/bigdad-m52673.html PP
  18. I don't understand why you wouldn't. He's a reputable dealer. I'd trust ordering via bigdad over say Airsoft Megastore or AirSplat. Just because it's a big store, doesn't mean the quality or customer service is any better. PP
  19. PM bigdad here on the forums. He usually has a good selection of replica EoTechs in both black and tan/dark earth. PP
  20. You have to click on the "sold" link. It shows that each one that actually sold was for only $159.99. PP
  21. Doesn't align with my G36 tastes, but I've always admired your creativity with yours. Rails do look naked, but I don't know what you could do to fix that that would look good. PP
  22. I present to you, pure JG G36 beauty!!! Group shot: JG G36 with ARES AG36 Launcher: Just got everything put together today as the gun finally came in. JG G36k gunner set-up: Literally just threw it together as the bipod handguard came off when the launcher went on the other. Have never tested it out, and yes, that's 3 high caps attached. Looks cool, but we'll see if it's even effective. Next gun shown below is how I ran the K as more of an assault role. JG G36c: Very basic. My first G36, but I feel it is not going to be used much anymore. Possibly going to sell. JG G36c: Buddy gave this to me for parts. It is missing so many screws and gearbox is non-working. Might try to fix it "Frankengun" style in the future if I stumple upon another boneyard G36c or find an AK gearbox for cheap. PP
  23. The gun is a little dirty, might be due for a touch-up. PP
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