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  1. They're gas and shoot way hotter than what you're asking for, but I think they are the closest to what you want. Fake wood: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=37497 Real wood: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=37515 PP
  2. That gun couldn't be a JG. You can clearly see the trademarks which JGs do not have. These appear to be the same, but I can't exactly see from the grainy picture. PP
  3. Did he say whether or not they were blowback? PP
  4. The black one is a member of the Javelin Works M4 line. The bottom one, I'm not so sure about. If that one is full metal, too, you're probably looking at an ARES M4. PP
  5. FYI, sellers appreciate it when you actually read the rules. PP
  6. Mags are difficult to find? It uses M4 mags! Supra, love what you did with the R76. Free bump. PP
  7. That second 417 is downright DIRTY! PP
  8. I don't believe anything is wrong with Evike. A few people have had some truly poor experiences with them, including myself, but companies are bound to make mistakes. I probably wouldn't hesitate to buy from them while I do truly prefer ASGI. It's all about personal preference and experience. PP
  9. I'd definitely keep the M14. BUT. If you truly do not like the M14, you could always sell it, make some extra cash, and still be able to buy the ASR again. PP
  10. Ohhhh, haha. Still jealous you actually have one. PP
  11. "Oh, I'll only have 3 DSRs, no big deal." Insanely jealous to say the least. PP
  12. Such a classy looking Mp5. I wish I had the money. Good luck with the sale. PP
  13. It wasn't just having trouble in the cold, it shot too hot on quite a few humid summer days. On top of that, the additional cost to upgrade to RA-Tech parts to adjust the FPS was just too much. PP EDIT: I also didn't like the idea of duster gas.
  14. Loved this thing while I owned it. Unfortunately, Minnesota's weather forced me to sell. PP
  15. I prefer G3s over AUGs, but personal preference always pays a big part in it. Depending on what your gear set-up is, it would probably be easier to go with the AUG since the AUG and your WE G36 are both 5.56 styled rifles and thus can use the same mag pouches. PP
  16. Meh, needs a PRS or other sniper stock. And what about the MagPuls? That is after all their original product. In all seriousness, while this gun will be unique, I still don't like it. The gun deserves it's beautiful real wood furniture. PP
  17. There is indeed one for sale on Ebay. Just over a day left on the posting. PP
  18. I realize that. They did it because putting "Holographic sight with flip to side magnifier" was just too long. PP
  19. Guys, quit being A-holes. If you don't have anything to add to the thread, don't post. OP, is this like what you're looking for? PP
  20. Sold off my L96, only to decide I missed it and picked up an upgraded one when I found a good deal. I have been short on time and haven't been able to get some quality pictures. I'll post those up when I get some. I did have a chance to set the gun outside, and the current paint job does actually work pretty well. PP
  21. The screw in the flash hider should come off with a small hex key. PP
  22. Cool show, but I prefer American Guns and I think everyone knows why. Honestly though, I just don't think anything they come out with is going to be super popular. But I guess I could go for that suppressed AK or a GBB silenced Saiga, haha. PP
  23. How can you sell such a beautiful gun? Free bump. PP
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