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  1. I know, a specific long shot here, but I'm going to try anyway. Had one years ago, sold it and have been kicking myself since. So, looking again. Lmk if you've got one you want to sell/trade.
  2. Exactly what it says. Prefer type A (or whichever type is the plastic box mag, not cardboard).
  3. I'm going to guess not, but if you're interested in parting the zenit parts out, let me know.
  4. Exactly what title says. Used is fine.
  5. I don't know, usually I order parts from them.
  6. That's about normal for un company. It can take them a few days to ship, and they will send you a message when they do. You should see a message in a week at most
  7. The china clone market has essentially killed resale values. It's a double edged sword, good to bring new players in, but then they're used to $150 or so AEGs, so even $300 or so is a hard sell, much less anything higher. I'd say the price is fair, but good luck ever getting that....
  8. So, I've been toying with the idea for a bit now, not sure I want to put the m1 up yet, as I think Ics has done a pretty damn good job with the garand. I figure I'll see if there's even any interest in it first before I go taking and posting pics and full descriptions and all. The Ics garand is stock, hasn't seen more than a magazines worth of bbs (around 35) just to test function. Still have the box and a second magazine too. The TM 1911a1 I had already listed in my thread before (all issues are fixed now, btw). Even have a replica cartridge belt that I would throw in with the package. I would be looking for around $500 shipped for the whole setup if I listed it, so now I leave it up to you all: does anyone care?
  9. I'll second that. UN company's site might not be the easiest to navigate, but I've ordered quite a bit from them (from MBKs to the $750 or so worth of upgrades I put into my we m14). Haven't had an issue with them yet.
  10. Well, maybe I can get an answer here as opposed to starting a new thread (not wanting to hijack, sorry). I have had the RA tech trigger mech in my we m14 (yes, got the Ebr stock, but you're talking to a guy who goes to weekend events as the support gunner, so yeah...) and I've recently been trying to figure out why it's now only firing in full auto, however when I swap the OEM trigger unit into it, both semi and full auto settings work fine. Anyone else have this issue, and what did you do/heard could correct the problem? Worst case, I may have to figure out how to just disable full auto, but I'd rather not go that route (esp as it's fun to just crank out a full mag once in a blue moon in the backyard, just for the fun of it).
  11. I kinda doubt you'll find cheaper than that. Shipping will likely be more than he's asking for those....
  12. Overdue bump Putting the vfc EGLM together with the scar h package, still asking $400 for the whole deal (esp considering just the gun itself new would run you about 350...)
  13. I know, I have a trigger happy one, but I'd really want an inokatsu. Massive long shot, but I might as well give it a shot. If you've got one, let me know!
  14. Update: TM M1911A1. Removed from the market WE M14 Mags still leak, frankly I've hardly the time to fix them properly. They're WE mags, they leak. STILL cannot post pics here, the image post just freezes every time I try to post an image, so yeah I can't post photos here anymore. Umarex GBB UMP TRADED
  15. Alright, bit of an update here: Ordered the parts to repair the 1911, so they should be waiting for me when I get home. So, it will be fully working (ill make a vid and try to post it here) for whatever buyer, but don't expect it to still be 170... On the we m14: Apparently, there is something with Ra techs trigger unit that causes the full auto issue, which is something that I cannot fix, unfortunatly. I have the oem trigger unit and I swapped that in to test, there was no problem with the semi/auto selector function. Id guess you could swap out the we trigger parts into the ra tech steel trigger box, as that would solve the pot metal trigger box breaking issue, but as the issue seems to be caused by ratechs trigger mechanism itself, without machining tools, I cant fix that... Now, the magazines I mention in the description do still leak,but thats more cause I havent gotten off my lazy rear to open them up and reseal them. Ill do that when I get home. Right now the we m14 is on hold, as someones offered a Tanaka m24 for a trade and Im likely to go for that, but I havent heard from him in a while (he lives near where that magnitude 6 quake was in ca earlier this month, though I spoke with him just after it, he said he was alright), so im going to give him a bit more time, but it'll go back up if I don't. (yes, im still trying to get pics working on here, no I havent been able to figure out why I cant yet....)
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