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  1. Bump! Will take reasonable offers as well. PM me with them. NO lowballing please....
  2. Yes the original scope that came with the gun is still with it. I am not parting out this item though. Package set. ATTENTION!! If someone is interested in the gun and the extra MAGS for it as listed I will do a combined package deal for $425 shipped! Your getting the mags in that way for only $40. If someone is interested then PM and let me know.
  3. Rules: 1. I accept PAYPAL ONLY!! That means PAYPAL only! Do not ask about bank transfers and crap like that. This method protects the seller and buyer. 2. When an item is purchased WAIT for the PAYPAL invoice to be generated and sent to you. It can save everyone a lot of money 3. All items are sold AS-IS. NO Refunds or returns. These items are in perfect working order when they leave my care. 4. I will accept offers but no low balling, I know what these items are worth and I am willing to negotiate a bit perhaps but not giving it away... 5. My time is valuable as is yours. If I don't get back immediately then you may have to wait a day for my response. Don't get pushy. 6. Items will be shipped via UPS or USPS if it is small enough. Do not complain about shipping companies to me. That is how I ship. 7. Please no thread crapping. If you have an issue with something shoot me a PM and we can discuss it all the way to my delete box. 8. Shipping to the lower 48 states ONLY. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii your out! Also as a rule no International shipping either. 9. Must be 18 years of age to purchase an airsoft gun... there it is... disclaimer has been thrown out there. 10. If you don't have the money to purchase or bargain with then.... don't do either please. This is a waste of your time and mine. 11. I am not accepting trades at this time. I like the monies!! So PLEASE don't ask. 12. If you would like you may shoot me a PM it may take a bit to get back to you but I will in the order they are received. First up....... G&P M14 DMR pre upgraded from G&P. This is not some clone with a kit attached this is the real thing! Shoots 350-360 FPS comes with 3-10x scope, steel flash hider, two midcaps one G&P other is TM. This gun is wired to deans from the factory and I will include a 9.6v 2200mah battery for it. This battery IS NOT wired to deans but I will send a male DEANS connector so you can mod it to your hearts content. This gun would greatly benefit from a LIPO 11.1 imho. Also included is a half of a bag of KSC perfects .20's. I have shot other other BB's in this gun and the only ones that don't seem to jam up or misfeed are the KSC's and the EXCEL brand. Price is $385.00 shipped (via UPS) Second up is a box of MAG BRAND M14 mags 190 rounder midcaps. These are done in gunmetal paint and are great to have in your M14. Will fit in all other brand of M14's and I have had no feeding issues. Never been fielded just plinked in the backyard. Price is $65.00 shipped (via UPS)
  4. Revamping sale posting. Moderators please close and delete this posting. Thank you.
  5. Update: G&P M14 still available G3 still available All other accessories still available
  6. Last afternoon before these items go up on EBAY. They will be posted here as well but its first come first serve!!
  7. Price drop!! G&P M14 down to $400 shipped (will include about a half bag of KSC perfects .20's) CA G3 down to $100 shipped EOTECH down to $50 shipped
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