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    Middle west Texas.
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    KWA KP8 USP (No NS2 "old school") KJW 1911 G&P M14 DMR CA G3 Offisizer G&P M4 Carbine Professional Training Rifle Echo 1 Vector Arms AK74 Maruzen Walther PPKS GBB Maruzen Walther P99 NGBB

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  1. mkeesh left Positive feedback   

    g&p mk23 shabby, 4 brand new kwa shotgun shells.

    captainfubar88 was The Seller

  2. holybatman left Positive feedback   

    TM P226 with Guarder FMK. Plus threaded barrel and suppressor.

    captainfubar88 was The Seller

  3. swissairsoft left Positive feedback   

    scar h with accessories

    captainfubar88 was The Seller

  4. USAFDelta@yahoo.com left Positive feedback   

    TMK23 and USPc Tactical

    captainfubar88 was The Seller

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