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  1. Well thanks for the correction. In fact I was wondering if I had it right, right from the start. Because looking at the regulator being installed on paintball markers did confuse me a little... I hope this configuration how you made it (and how it will have to be) will fit into my stock pouch... Well I'll see that then... Oh and thanks for the info about the nr of shots with a longer-shorter connection to the mag! Very good to know!
  2. Here my CO2 System sofar... I'm still waiting for my regulator to come... I haven't cut and put in place the macro line yet... That I will leave for the end cause I'm not sure where I want my pressure gauge to be right now at the moment yet... I hope this is not going to offtopic...
  3. Ok thanks for your great help! I ordered the 2liter Regulator yesterday. I'll make my own "Gauge setup" with those parts you linked further up. Only question: do these gauges all have 1/8" fittings? (Paintball marker ones) or do I need to make sure to get the right one so it will fit on the T fitting with it's 3x1/8" threads... This is going to be great! I will be able to fit it all in my stock pouch;-) about the ON/OFF valve: I'll do without. Cause I want to stay with the 12gr Co2 Capsules...
  4. Imagine I play a game. At the end of the day I still have some CO2 left in my tank and system. So I wouldn't want to unscrew the tank, because I'd lose the rest of CO2 that remains in the tank. Now I can imagine that putting my CO2 mag (and the CO2 system attached to it) away for a few days without letting out the pressure out of the mag won't do my mag an good. So I thought adding an ON/OFF switch between mag and tank would make it possible to cut the connection. So I can let out the resting pressure that is in the mag by firing 2-3 "empty" rounds. Now IF the regulator is capable of not letting through ANY co2 when completely unscrewed then I wouldn't need an ON/OFF Switch, because the regulator can completely block the connection. Me writing "unscrewing" means: turning the regulator "screw" that sets the pressure. Do you understand what I mean? Basic question: Does the AKA 2Liter regulator, when set to 0psi, really stay closed? Or would an ON/OFF Switch be needed for that? Do I understand right: The ASA 2-Liter regulator doesn't support a possibility to attach a gauge immediately onto the regulator? So to be able to "see/read" the pressure going into the mag I would absolutely need the AKA pressure tester that you linked in your last post??? And sorry for bad explanation. I'm from Belgium...
  5. OK I see, no need for an ON/OFF Valve then. I suppose the Regulator does the job then? I mean when I stop using my CO2 System, I unscrew the regulator screw so it wont let any gas through anymore. Then I fire a few shots to empty the rest of the system right? Just so there is no constant pressure on the system, so I don't damage it when I'm not using it... Good news about the pressure gauge! I really wasn't sure if you could just "screw" one onto the regulator. Now I'm wondering what pressure gauge I can screw onto the regulator? does it make any difference if it's from 0-300 or 0-400psi? Will the pressure gauge always give the right pressure? Or do I absolutely need a pressure gauge that goes from 0-350psi because this is the psi-range the regulator would be adjustable? I read your guide! (Really the best CO2 Convertion Guide I read on the net!!! 10/10;-)) One last question: what parts do I need to connect my CO2 Quick Change to the AKA 2Liter Regulator? I'm not quiet sure about that... Thank for all this great help! This is really helping me A LOT!
  6. I was wondering if you can attach a pressure gauge on any of these regulators? Or do they all support that? Cause I am planning on getting the AKA 2Liter (Low Pressure of course) Model. But I'd like to be able to see the PSI pressure that I put into my Airsoft gun. And would a "12 gram Quick Change" screw right onto the regulator? I'm trying to make a CO2 System with CO2 Cartridges that is as compact as possible. So it would be great if the regulator is right next to the 12 gram Quick Change. And would an ON/OFF Switch between the 12 gram Quick Change and the AKA 2Liter regulator make any sense? And I don't really understand the MagnumBB Cold Shot kit. Why does he use "double" regulators and what are the advantages about this system? (BTW, what happened to his online "shop"??) Sorry for these stupid questions... but this is the first time I do a CO2 conversion...
  7. Thanks. No we are actually one of the rare german-speaking BELGIAN Airsoft Teams. We come from near St Vith, Province Liège
  8. Here some Photos of our last Photoshooting. Hope you enjoy them ;-) Feel free to visit our Website for more info on our Airsoft team and more pictures! WWW.EASTBELGIUMELITE.EU
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