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  1. Bringing this back to life for 2019. Hit me up if you play in Las Cruces and aren't already a part of the Las Cruces Airsoft facebook group.
  2. SR25 Pmags; I needs dem. Anybody feel like parting with theirs?
  3. Hey guys, anyone know where to get a replacement stock system for the E1 OMG? The original adapter broke off. The gun is a Cyma RPK with a folding stock type body; does it require a special type of adapter? Thanks!
  4. Join up y'all! https://www.facebook.com/groups/614510141917485/
  5. WTB M249 gearboxes and box mags. Gearboxes can be boneyard but not cracked, box mags need to work flawlessly. Looking to buy 4 of each, A&K preferred due to budget. PM me with a parts description and we'll go from there, thanks!
  6. Title says it all, looking for a receiver set for an SR25. The guts are A&K, so the receiver needs to fit the elongated gearbox type. I also need the standard SR25 QD suppressor.
  7. I've got what I need, mods can close this thread.
  8. Interested in buying an SR25 with the extended type gearbox. I'd prefer internally broken/boneyard status, but will consider working guns also. I've got some $, but would prefer to trade; I've got KWA G36Cs, KWA USP, KJW M9, and a couple bolties (Upped BAR10, project G96). Thanks!
  9. What I'd really like to see is white colored heavy weight bbs (.36g and up). I live in a desert which has a lot of dark brush, and I can't reliably track any color other than white, which limits me to .3g usually. I've contacted both Hailstorm and Madbull about this to see if they're going to put out some lighter colored bbs, but they gave some excuse about the mixture relegating the color. I'm pretty sure they can figure out a way to incorporate white dye into the mix.
  10. How extensive is the crack in the body? Can you give us a closeup shot? Extremely interested in this.
  11. Here ya go https://www.facebook.com/groups/53794361623...ookmark_t=group
  12. WTT my stock KWA G36C for something like this AK. Must be rear wired and have this muzzle break. CYMA, DBOYS, CA, etc. let me know what you have, and send pics por favor. http://www.airsoftgi.com/images/3CM040Ca.jpg
  13. I've had several years experience working and playing with bolties. Your best bet for that price range is some form of the UTG L96 paired with the cylinder upgrade kit. With mine, I was able to hit reliably out to 250 feet and could sometimes make 300 foot shots assuming no wind and using .36g bbs. If you troll the classifieds forums, you can pick up the gun for ~ $100 which leaves plenty of $ for sniper bbs and upgrades. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=2111 - L96 http://www.airsplat.com/Items/AC-UPI-UTG-KT01.htm - Cylinder upgrade kit
  14. The bubble level on your sniper rifle is an excellent idea, I'll be installing one on my own shortly. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with the sale!
  15. Tis a beautiful pistol. I know you said no trades, but hit me up if you're interested in a like new KWA NS2 USP Tac w/2 mags. Good luck with the sale!
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