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  1. Is there any MCX owner here? and if you do mind to share some photos of yours?
  2. I'm looking this m7a1 in good condition or new, please pm me if you have one and ready to meet around california or at evike store or ready to ship to california but I'm prefer cash on delivery or cash at evike store Alhambra. this is the one that I'm looking for :
  3. looking for low bolt cqb kwa mp7 , please pm me if you have in excellent condition or good condition with the right price include ship to california, and with picture with it too. thx
  4. from what I've been through here, I have ordered lot's of stuff from him and cost me $ xxx and doing fine so far, Thank God. Maybe he's busy or away for a while but hoping you will have some good stuff Gorb. Let me know if you have some good stuff bro .
  5. guys, first of all I hope this thread will be ok since what I about to mention here is related with airsoft. Do you think is there regulation from U.S Immigration that tells civil cannot bring airsoft gear such as vest, airsoft replica optics to outside United States like to Asia ? and also would that be ok or are they gonna pass you, if a regular civil bringing replica soft armor that has an airsoft brand on it or E-SAPI plate and put in the baggage? and also what about real military issued gear such as carrier but only the carrier not including the armor and magpul part like pts moe buttstock and the pistol grip? note= all those things will be inside the baggage not handcarry bag. --> is there gonna make any different from the security ?
  6. you mean don't click it until to the first hole ?
  7. can I use small battery to put inside the buffer tube stock so I can use magpul moe pts butt into my aeg ? I have vfc but the problem is small battery Lipo length is a lil bit long 16.5 cm and my stock is a standard vfc m4 stock that has 5 click for the crane stock and the buffer tube length is like 10-13cm and if I put the small type battery inside the buffer tube , yes it will fit but the length of the buffer tube is not gonna hide the battery inside of it cause the battery itself is a little bit longer than the buffer tube , unless if the magpul pts moe stock can hide or cover the battery if you know what I mean ? and I don't want to rewiring the cable to front. I need your help where I can get small type Lipo battery 7.4v and 11.1v through online store around california ?
  8. I have my BAE eclipse RG carrier, MEDIUM. and it's still brand new never been used and I only willing to trade with LBT 6094a coyote brown Medium size and can meet face to face in california and live not that far from evike alhambra. thx
  9. looking for upper receiver MUR-1 vltor black , let me know if you selling that stuff .
  10. if you guys live in CALIFORNIA and willing to sell your black vltor MUR upper receiver that still in great condition , please send some picture through PM and hit me with your best price , thx
  11. as what is said in the title, I'm looking for hk416 cqb short barrel one, and it will be nice if the person who sell the hk416 is in california. please provide the picture and price through private message. 1st priority : VFC made 2nd : WE, G&P, Iron airsoft, hurricane. thx
  12. I'm looking for a person that willing to sell his vfc hk 416 that still in good or excellent condition (please also provide picture ) and located in california. either AEG or GBBR that's ok as long the price offer to buyer is great.
  13. my question to you guys , can you buy airsoft either from hong kong or taiwan and then ship to california without any problem or custom ?
  14. hi guys , I'm looking for 1911 olive drab or black color 1911 tactical . and prefer with seller that stay in 626 area (san gabriel , pasadena , or rosemead , if there is ......) and the condition of 1911 still doing fine or perfect , and my budget is $80-$100 , please pm me . I want to see the pistol with my eyes and test it first if the seller is don't mind at all ......
  15. hot dang ,,,, nice setup . shellback tactical right ?
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