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  1. K something weird going down in airsoft town. I have a echo 1 e90 and like it so much I am getting another one. 2 weeks ago they were everywhere to buy. Noticed airsoftgi had it crazy ruduced from $190 to $123 in their shocker deals last week so I picked it up. Now my friend wants one and not only does airsoftgi not have it anymore, its no where on their website. Same goes for airsoftatlanta and other major distributors which always keep them in stock and now you cant even find the on the website anymore. Its like the e90's have vanished. Anyone have a guess???
  2. Looks like the boys at ASGI got smart and realized that the MK96 is a solid rifle out of the box and decided to upgrade it and sell it as a package now. I am guessing to keep up with the Echo1 M28? At $259.99 loaded with upgrades, on top of the DIY mods on here, I really think this is the "be all end all" of no non-sense purchases when buying a new Airsoft Sniper Rifle. Thats my $.02 as that is my best Sniper for over a year now.
  3. In my book. It's a cinder block when it comes to Airsoft rifles. No shame in my game bud. I call it like I see it. It is a imperial cruiser compared to a BAR 10 or VSR.
  4. I went and played today in the cold at our home field. I must say that the M28 turned heads, perked up ears, and performed great for the most part. As far as accuracy and consistancy I could not tell the difference AT ALL between the M28, my upped VSR and UTG 96. Put that in the books cause that debat is at rest as far as I am concerned. Hitting torsos past 80 yards consistantly is a pass in my book anyday. I am 34 years old and no BS from me :) The trigger pull is ever so sweet and everyone I met had to test fire it... Not to start a wave, but just about every vet sniper at the field is going to be purchasing one as so they say. It really stood out today. On another note the M28 comes with headaches that I am not quite sure how to handle right now. The M28 is having some serious feeding issues. The mags the M28 comes with are pretty much garbage. I know most mags are, but these really take the cake. You pretty much have to push the mag into the gun and keep pressure on it for it to feed a BB. Both mags that came with this gun do this. Now with that out of the way the biggest pain in the keester is the weight of this big fella. Try carrying around a cinder block during a 2hr scenario match, that might give you an idea of my day. THIS THING IS HEAVY! REPEAT IT IS HEAVY!!! I whole heartedly do not recommend this gun for a tight/ quick skirmishing match nor for the young or weak. I honestly have held a barret airsoft sniper rifle (Not sure the make) and the M28 is as heavy if not heavier. The receiver, Stock, barrel, etc is just so thick and rugged it just adds on the weight. Good for durability, bad for weight. Gameday conclusion: I really, really like the M28. It is probably the gem of my collection of sniper rifles right now (VSR, UTG 96, ASR, SR25). The looks, performance, ruggedness, durability, authenticity, I could go on and on. I can pass my room and have to take a double take and stare at it. When you get behind the scope it feels like your driving a gold plated Cadillac. Now for what you might not have expected... I will again shoot you straight and tell you that my M28 will not be played with much and the reason is it's weight. I simply enjoy the featherlight weight of my VSR. It shoots just like the M28 and vice versa, but is much more manueverable. 9 out of 10 times I will pickup my VSR and the whole reason will be for the weight and that is the only reason. The M28 is an awesome rifle right out of the dang box. It's an incredible/ unbelievable phenomenon that such a rifle is truely fully upped out of the box. However it simply is too heavy if you are going to be moving much. If I am not going to be mobile for a long time and possibly just defending a base I would probably use it. With that being said, since me and my son went and played today, obviously I did not get a chance to finish with the review and pics. Sorry about that. It will be posted in a couple more days.
  5. The stock barrel on the M28 is 6.03 already. It is Brass however. And yes it comes with 3 excellent quality barrel spacers that can be removed. They look just like Laylax spacers.
  6. I agree strat. Exact same results for me in my VSR. The 170SP and above should come with a huge word of caution. If you do step up to the 170 the miles on your gun are going to be extremely limited to say the least. I have been running a 150 for a long time now with really no signs at all of over wear. Word of advice to anyone, from me at least, think twice before going up to the 170 class of springs...
  7. Okie Dokie. I am getting hammered with PM's & Emails about this review. I have scoured the internet and nobody has a review yet with compatibility between the M28 and VSR. I have loads of pics coming with review and shot groupings later today/ tommorow, but I know you holiday shoppers want answers now. I feel your pain. In the meantime here is what is drop in compatible: Sears Cylinder Head (Laylax Fits with o-ring at the seat of the head) Spring Spring Guide Bucking Hop-Up (Exact Replica) Hop-Up Arms ( Hello nickswimfast :) ) Barrel ( Order longer barrel for M28. Will post size in review ) Yes I know what your saying. "What about the Piston"? The VSR's piston is microscopicley wider than the M28 and 1/4" shorter. The Cylinder is also about 1/4" longer on the M28. I called ECHO1 and they said they already have the ECHO1 High Performance Piston, Spring, Spring Guide Upgrade Kit ready to ship to distributors. I looked at my PSS10 VSR Spring and it was the exact same size as the M28 stock spring. I chrono tested both in the M28. The stock spring was giving me 527 FPS with .2's and the 170 Spring whas giving me 535 FPS with .2's. Nickswimfasts Hop-Arms work perfectly in the M28. The Stock Hop-Up arm and lever is a very interesting design. It really does not allow much movement (if any) and takes away the need for a screw or Guide Plate MOD. Pics in review. The M28 barrel is longer, but everything else fits perfectly. The M28 barrel is a 6.03 barrel by my measurements. Anyways thats it for now. review with picks coming up later...
  8. Not to sway you at all, but let me give you something to think about. Check out the M28 and what it offers. I will have a review up in a couple days. I think you may like what you see ;)
  9. Just a quick update. I do not know if anyone else is doing an extensive review on the M28 or not, but I am still in the process with mine. it should be done pretty soon. I will also post up what is compatible and what is not, pics, etc. I have both my VSR and M28 broken down and things are very, very interesting. I can tell you now I will be surprised if the sears will ever wear with the stock piston. The sears on my M28 have been through 1500 rounds so far with no signs of wear. Also the sears are made of a better metal (Possible tempered Steel Mix). On top of it all what really is the cherry on top is the trigger pull is extremely light. It is actually better than my ZeroTrigger and breaks much crisper. the M28 Is extremely quite. There are alot of reasons for this that I will not get into now. The Bolt pull is nice and smooth and the Bolt Handle is larger than the VSR which is a nice feature when pulling back that harder spring. Stock out of the box it hangs right with my Fully Upped MK96 and VSR. I know this is crazy to say, but for me personally I cannot as of right now find anything to complain about as far as the operation of the M28 out of the box. it's killing me cause I believe nothing is perfect. I will keep looking and find something. In the meantime I will give you a few negatives. You ready??? THE M28 IS A BIG FRIGGIN GORRILLA TO CARRY AROUND! I am not kidding. This bad boy is hhheeeaaavvvyyy!!!!! There is nothing you can do about it either. There are no weights to take away. The outer fluted barrel on the M28 is SUPER THICK. Like nothing I have ever seen in airsoft. Everything on this gun is majorly thick and rugged. I could probably Monkey Stomp Brock Lesnar with it. The second negative is the darn bottom metal floor plate. The spring to keep it closed is simply not stout enough. Just a little touch to the trigger button and it swings open. This is fixable with some DIY mods. I wish there was a solution about the weight. Well thats it for now. My next post about the M28 should be the full review including compatiblility beteen the M28 and the VSR unless someone beats me to it.
  10. Count me in. What do you have in mind?
  11. Not Rebranded. I have it broken apart in a million pieces right now tinkering and can tell you now it is of very nice quality. The sears do not look like a cheap pot metal. They feel heavier and may just have a higher quality of possible steel from the feel of it. Everything so far impresses me to be honest. Just by looking at the quality I have no idea why in this world this rifle is $175.00. Makes no sense to me. This should be priced waaaayyyyy over what it is. I really would have paid more for it. No joke it's a really nice gun fellows.
  12. Ten-Four gents. I think I may have to pull out the green for it. Don't need it, but I may use some of the parts on my new M28 if it does not perform well.
  13. Take a look at this fellows. A very good review and answers with detailed pics from Tim <AT> ASGI. Looks like the G700 from ASGI is going to lose sales from the M28.
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