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  1. Carly Rae Jepsen is hot. Katy Perry is way hot. All I listen to is metal but I wouldn't say that pop is horrible or country is horrible. It's just different. It's like saying 7UP or Sprite is horrible when its just different then Coke or Pepsi. Katy Perry is damn hot..
  2. Good luck building an even hAlf good gun with only evike parts. Do they even sell neo magnet motors? If you're building together such a highly customized gun I definitely wouldn't suggest having them do it. I agree with Alberty. You don't seem like you know much about tech work and the PR15 is perfectly suited for you.
  3. They're all the same. Try to pick up a Lonex/Bravo piston. Those are real nice.
  4. Not totaled. As long as the chassis and axle looks good then its only body damage. Go Ford by the way! Love my '03 stang!
  5. Screw video games. I live close enough to multiple airsoft fields. Working at an airsoft store gives me usually free admission as well. Plus I'd have to buy a PS3 or a 360. I already have all my airsoft gear. Makes sense.
  6. This shouldn't be a necro since I'm posting useful information. I found out it was something funky with the teeth on an old KWA sector gear. With the new KWA sector it has no issues at all with the Lonex, G&G, ICS, and SHS pistons. Epiphany - You've been on these forums for quite some time. Why do you feel the need to argue?
  7. So you want something that's quality and not an M4 or G36? Maybe the JG MP5 and add some metal bushings to it? The G&G combat machines have really good externals for being a polymer gun. So I'm guessing you're looking for a metal gun as well correct? So the MP5 is out of the question. Whats your budget? If I were you I'd fix up the G&G. Get a better battery and a neo magnet motor and replace the copper bushings with either steel bushings or bearings. You'll be super duper awesome after that.
  8. That's a good idea. Thanks for the heads up. Cant wait to hit up the field this weekend. I love your ATACS loadout GAT SAA SOAP.
  9. Oh the lovely irony of the person that I took the information from is agreeing with me. Had 0 issues upgrading my KWA CQB with a Lonex piston, Lonex piston head, Lonex A2, and a Cheetah MOSFET.
  10. Damn you got that for a great price. The KWA SR10 was my very first full metal high end AEG. As long as you take care of it and keep the barrel and bucking clean it will serve you right. A suggestion might be to switch the bucking to a normal non 2GX bucking like the G&G green. After doing that I was getting some very nice range.
  11. I don't think they're following Evike. There's more airsoft stores out there. Regardless people who go to Walmart aren't going there for an airsoft gun exactly. It does get them initially into airsoft. I don't know about you guys but me and all my friends all started airsoft and was introduced to it through stuff like that.
  12. Ok then go for it. If you don't want to take our advice that's fine. Did you ask us the question only to counter argue? I personally would want to risk over a thousand in goods. Especially if it's one large box that's even more risky. There might be a chance if you have everything in small boxes. That might be your best bet.
  13. You must of done absolutely 0 research on this huh? I'm pretty sure there's actually even a topic stickied about this. If you really need to get spoon fed, WD40 isn't even an oil. It's a water displaced hence the WD part. When you take water away from rubber it dries it out. Literally disintegrates it.
  14. Thanks for the kind words. To be honest I just got the Emerson G3 set yesterday. Haven't had a chance to field it yet but as far as chairsofting goes theyre awesome. No it doesn't have the stretchy material. As far as the holster goes I usually have it up usually maybe an inch higher than the picture. I see your point though. I had to really shorten it as much as possible to get it comfortable when running. It looks like crap when it hangs too low as well.
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