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  1. Here is what is still available. Lm4 - will do a package deal with the other 3 mags, ris sling mount, valve tool, ar wrench for 400 shipped note one mag needs a new feed lip (4 bucks? from kwa) 3 lm4 mags utg bipod cqb rear sight m16 carry handle sight ris sling mount m4 hand guard rail xtm rail covers -throw in with any other order over 20 aeg gas tube throw in with any other order over 20 loading tube - throw in with any other order over 20 Modify tool ess nvg? iron face madbull 40 mm grenade pouches hss rolled dump pouch intellect battery ak aeg please refer to original post for pricing Bundle up and save
  2. Bump! Chest rig sold! Folding dump pouches sold! Speedloader Sold! ACM Magpul stock sold!
  3. Happy Merry New Year. Celebrate and buy my stuff! Bump! Some interest in the LM4. Bundle up and save some money! Help me get this stuff sold!
  4. I do have some extra stuff to sell. I forgot my AR-wrench from AIM $10 and a brand new and never used S-thunder CO2 adapter with regulator. $20 I will post pics of these upon request. and BUMP!
  5. Bump! Still a lot of stuff left, let's get this stuff gone and to people who will use and appreciate it! Above listing is up to date.
  6. So I have decided to let go of my airsoft collection. It's a sad day, but college is getting busier and I really need to focus on that rather than chairsofting. So all prices are negotiable feel free to offer up. Please PM me for more pictures and any questions that you have. I will also add more information about the product of interest. Paypal only unless F2F in the Dayton, Ohio area or surrounding. Then cash is king. I can't hold items for more than a day. Shipping to the Cont US only. Shipping is not included. You can choose you preferred method and I will try my best to accommodate. NO Trades please. My co-op is ending and I need the cash. First up is my KWA LM4. The gun is in good condition with some cosmetic wear on it and I have done some mods to it to make it function better. The charging handle can now release the bolt and the bolt has been carefully de-burred cycle smoothly. I will be happy to post links to the mods I have done and take plenty of more pictures. The gun also has a 10" Noveske Madbull Free-Float rail and a Strike Industries ambi trigger guard. The gun only comes with ONE non-leaky mag. It will be a nicer looking one too. Original box included too. $300 OBO Next I have 5 mags. They all hold gas to my knowledge as of now and I will certainly check and maintain them before any are shipped out to you. You will know if there are any leakage issues. The mags also have numbers engraved on the bottom to help me keep track of which ones are leaking. $30 OBO, 2 are sold! Then next is the KWA M4 speedloader. This makes loading your mags a breeze and is also useful in the field. In great condition! Sold! NC Star 45 mm red dot. Missing the adjustment knob caps. Missing one lens cover. Sold! UTG Bipod. Used. $10 KWA m16 carry handle. Like new. $10 RIS front triangle sight. Sold! CQB rear sight. $10 Rear flip up sight. Used. Sold! 3x Magnifier with flip to side mount. Used. S-O-L-D! Primary Arms Red Dot with Cantilever Mount. Sold! UTG RIS sling mount. $10 Like New. Magpul PTS AFG 2. Good condition. Sold! RIS vertical grip. Used, but works Sold KWA M4 handguards. Like new. Sold! KWA Delta Ring for LM4. fits on aeg threads. Sold! ACM Magpul CTR Stock. Was ground down a bit to fit in the shortest position on MILSPEC buffer! $20 Also has rubber buttpad! Blackhawk Industries M4 handguard rail. $15 Like New XTM rail covers $4 only two. Throw in for $2 on any purchase above 30 AEG gas tube off of Lm4 $4 Loading tube - $2 or throw it in with any purchase above $30 Irene Adaptive Sling, Ranger Green, Good condition - sold Modify Valve Tool - $10 AI Propane Adapter, Used, still comes with original oil - $12 Iron Face, modified, drilled holes to help make breathing easier and sanded down parts of it. - $3 Tan ESS goggles, modded to help fit glasses, lenses is scratched up. $7 Black ESS goggles. NVG style? Sharpied black, modded to help fit glasses. Used, but still work, also comes with solar lens. - $10 Anti Fog spray, 27.5 wt silicone oil, 47.5 wt silicone oil. sold Madbull Dual 40mm grenade pouch, weird OD green. Like new - $12 each Condor Utility pouch with buckles, Condor folding dump pouch. Good cond - Sold! Pantac folding Dump Pouch -Good Condition. Sold! HSS rolled dump pouch. $8 Condor chest rig. Has 6 integrated magazine pouches. Can hold 2 m4 mags each. Has an admin pouch and integrated hydration pouch. Fair condition and will last someone else a good bit of use. Plastic loop on front is cracked though. Sold! Classic Army SLR 105 A1 Great Condition! Comes with the new 150 rd mags shown, manual, fuses, bb unjamming rod - $200 OBO This gun is flawless externally! Tenergy smart charger Sold! Intellect 8.4V 3600 Mah Battery $20 If any questions at all, PM me! I will be more than happy to explain more about any item and take more pictures!
  7. TTT I'm going to be adding a lot of stuff tomorrow. I am going to get out of the sport, so all my stuff is going up tomorrow. Lm4 with free float and mods w/ extra mags, primary arms red dot, 3x magnifier, bb's, tool(s), gear, goggles, and whatever else I have as well.
  8. TTT Sorry no new stuff, I'm trapped at my parents house due to a blizzard. However, the prices are lowered! 1) CA SLR 105 A1 is now $225 2) The battery is now $20 3) The smart charger is now $20 Prices are negotiable so offer up!
  9. I have some stuff that I am selling for my roommate who is getting out of the sport. That being said, all offers will need to be approved by him. I can get ahold of him quickly usually and I will be checking this post often. However, please pm me with offers and questions. Paypal only please, unless F2F in the Dayton, Ohio area. Shipping is not included so please account for that expense. Shipping will try to be next day after payment, but cannot be guaranteed. Any questions, please pm me. Don't threadcrap. Pm me with any concerns. 1) First up is the Classic Army SLR 105 A1 Airsoft Gun (AK variant). It has a 400 FPS spring that was installed by a local shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Everything else is stock except the paint on the charging handle was removed. This gun has less than 3000 rounds and was only used minimally and is in very nice condition. I can post more pictures after Christmas if preferred. The gun comes with the original manual, bb un-jamming rod and three 150 round metal midcaps. The mags are new and have not seen more than two magazines worth of bb's through them. $225 2) Intellect 3600 mAh NiMH 8.4V Battery (Large Type). It's in good condition, still holds a charge. Wired to large tamiya. $20 3) Tenergy Smart Universal Battery Pack Charger: 6V - 12V. Pretty much brand new. It has charged the above battery twice. $20 That's pretty much it for now. I will be posting some of my own stuff after Christmas so keep checking this now and again. REMEMBER, offer up! Reasonable offers will be considered.
  10. I have a jg aug a3 (non-working) with another extra gear box that is 85% complete. The aug has an extended outer barrel and a 650 prommy.
  11. Looking for KWA Mp7 mags that are working or leaking. If they are leaking list all problems. Such as, ----it is leaking from here and or there. ----Holds no gas, leaks quickly enough that is unusable as is. ----Any dings and scratches or broken parts. I will only send payment through paypal as a purchase of goods. I also extremely prefer a tracking number and I will pay for the extra cost. Also looking for a drop leg smg mag pouch in OD if possible. And a flashlight with a pressure switch. Please describe as accurately as possible and a pic with nosaj1523 in the image. Thanks for looking. Pm me with any offers and I will respond as quickly as I can. I check ASF a few times throughout the day usually.
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