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  1. Oh that is unpleasant news. I thought I was just out of the loop too long and didn't know who was carrying their stuff... My wife got real sick a couple years ago and I had to take a complete break from teching, local and national ops, and buy/sell/trade. I'm rehab'ing my whole collection now, mostly to sell it all off, but I am planning to play a little when I can. This will definitely effect the rebuild process quite a bit. I'm sitting on 4 or 5 CA g36 types from shorties to support weapon builds. Do you know if the CA's still hold their value or is the lack of parts making them worthless now? As for the SL8, I'll likely try to buy a parts gun from someone to rebuild it. I hate doing repairs to things like a receiver... no matter how good the repair is, it'll never be the same as a complete part.
  2. So some where in the last 2 or 3 years, while my airsoft gear was in storage, my Classic Army SL8 (CA8-2) receiver got cracked. No damage to anything else thankfully but it needs to be replaced. I could repair it with JB weld or some other adhesive and it would be usable, but since I plan to sell it, I would really like it to be cosmetically correct. So... is there anywhere to order specific CA parts from now? None of the online shops I've checked have the receiver and all the box stores I've called don't seem to know how to order them. There used to be a distributor that you could order specific CA parts from, did that with my 249's and my m24's but I don't remember who they are or if they are still around. Anyone have any suggestions or links?
  3. ty man, I appreciate it. I actually called into P* and they we able to give me some points as well. Worst case scenario, because it's still on file - they did the conversion, this was one of the first barrets they did, they will tech it for me if I ship the monster to them. Really really don't want to pay to ship this heavy beast back to them, so hopefully I'll be able to sort it out.
  4. After having sat unused on my work bench for the last couple years, I've decided to get my P* Socom Barret back into running condition. running into an issue though and was hoping someone here might know the cause. The fcu is running on default settings currently, and the unit is firing, but it is taking 2-4 trigger pulls to get a round out of the barrel. Like pressure needs to build up to get the round moving. I am going to open up the engine and check for blockage in the air lines, as well as regrease everything, new tub of 'Gun Sav' arrived this morning. I've all ready removed some of the old hardened grease, the result of having sat unused for so long. But I was wondering if anyone has run into this issue before and can point me in the right direction in case there is something else I should be looking for.
  5. Looking to pick up a regulator set-up for a polar star fusion engine. Finding a regulator is most important but line with quick detach and a tank would help too. Finally picked up one of the nice in-grip lines from Amped and have decided to fire up my socom-barret with P* engine.... but I no longer own any of my HPA stuff. I can buy or trade, have a lot to offer for the right deal. Let me know what ya have and what ya want.
  6. Buyer is 100% correct. I completely dropped the ball here. :( Wife got sick and missed some work, so when I was offered 2 weeks of overtime, I took it. I really thought I could make time to get his package to the post office but it never happened. I finally just issued a refund rather than waste his time any further waiting for me to follow through.
  7. Gemtech, Belt, and Motor Grip are SOLD
  8. Bumping. Had a few offers on various items but nothing solid yet. Until funds are received, all items are still for sale.
  9. Bumping with price drops. Lowered all the listed prices and all prices are 'shipped'.
  10. Just selling off some basic extras that I don't have a use for. Bought a few guns for some projects builds and have a bunch of stuff left over. Not looking for any trades, just need some cash in paypal. Prices are all 'best offer' but be reasonable. Madbull Gemtech G5 Quick Detach Suppressor (Flash Hider Included) Used but very good condition, very light wear, no dings or dents. $30 JBU 3rd model mbs supressor 9.5 inch suppressor, adds 4.5 inches to overall gun length. Threads are half way into the suppressor body, allowing for a long silencer look without adding excessive barrel length. Just to be clear, this will cover an additional 4.5 inches of inner barrel, with the rest of the suppressor sliding over and hiding the outer barrel. Sold G&P US Socom Silencer for M4 CCW Another 9.5" suppressor , adds 4.5" to over all gun length, hides a portion of the inner barrel. Very good looking suppressor overall but none of my barrels are ccw. $25 shipped SPR Type Flip Up Folding Front Sight Brand new, mounted a couple times for testing but never used. $15 shipped Blackhawk Universal OD Belt (BNIB) Lrg - 52" waist. Obviously it can be shortened but it's perfect for a big guy. $10 Black SPR type motor grip Used but in good condition. Includes baseplate $15
  11. That sucks, but it definitely explains why I'm having a hard time tracking it down. Guess I'll have to look into PTS instead. They just have such a bad habit of using a different hue for each part they make, so the stock and grip are never quite the same shades. :( Client I am building for has some real specific externals in mind and it isn't leaving me much wiggle room lol
  12. I'm working on a project gun for someone local and I ended up buying two very nice rail sets that simply won't work for this build. Looking to sell them or trade 'em for other items I need to finish this build. Trades I'd be interested in: These would have to be in very good or new/near new condition 12" quad rail = It has to look good, it has to be 12" and has to have full rails. I would prefer black but tan might be considered. Pretty open to various makers 5.5"-6" Suppressor CCW = It has to look good on a rifle, and it has to be in good condition FDE or Black ACM or PTS Magpul Externals: CTR/MOE/UBR stock FDE/Motor Grip FDE/XTMs (FDE & Black)/MBUS FDE/Magwell Grip FDE The first is a madbull DD MK18 9.5" rail set, in pristine condition with all mounting hardware and screws. I don't know much about it but it doesn't appear to have been fielded. This came with a gun I purchased the other day and unfortunately when it arrived, it was 9.5" instead of the 12" I had been told. :( Still a great rail but it won't work for the rifle I intended to use it with. Looking for $100 obo shipped or comparable trade. **SOLD** Second rail is brand-new Madbull VTAC 13" Extreme Battle Rail. I unboxed it this morning and mounted the rails to it for mounting and pictures but it just won't fit the project without redoing the entire barrel system. :( Very sexy rail set none-the-less. Looking for $100 shipped obo or comparable trade.
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