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  1. Thanks Everyone for the warm welcome and calming my "old man" fears. LOL I have another question...are their many girls that play? I ask as my daughter is interested and I am thinking this could be a really cool family activity as we all love the outdoors.
  2. I am going to check them out right now. I am getting more excited about doing this everyday and the more I read about it...time to get out and do it now.
  3. Thanks for the link...I am going to check them out.
  4. I am glad to hear that. Thanks for the reassurance. I used to be a tactical training contractor in Detroit wish we had had Airsoft back then...LOL
  5. Thanks for the gun info...I am thinking it is actually a G23C version so going to pick up a couple more mags for it. Also, I am thinking the Dboy gets the vote to get started with.
  6. Awesome feedback on the WE I didn't catch that point...they are very subtle about it. I read about the Dboys my only concern was the needing to clean it part...seems like back QC if it is gunked up from the box. Also, both sites show the Dboys and AGM as the same unit (I assume just a stock image) is Dboys that much better than AGM or just preference? I agree on the review point...that is why I was asking everyone here...get some concensus...LOL
  7. Hey Everyone...New guy here (said Hello in the Newbie section). I am looking to start really getting into Airsoft and like the looks of the SCAR guns so I am looking for your recommendations. I have researched around and it seems brands on the websites get better reviews then on the forums so I would like to get your experience and recommendation. I would like to stay around $200 so this is what I see - http://www.airsoftpost.com/advanced_search...p;Submit=Search AGM ($160 has a new model coming out early next month) - mixed reviews about this brand Dboys ($160) Echo ($180) WE has one at $260 (If really that much better I can hold off till I have the extra). Everything else seems to jump to almost $400. Thoughts and recommendations? Thanks All
  8. Thanks for the advise. For my son that is exactly the type of gun I am thinking of. He has a springer type (was a gift from his mom) now and he just can't operate it (too hard to pull back).
  9. Thanks Everyone for the Welcome and reassurance. My kids are both wanting to get into it. I will probably buy my son an AEP (I think this is right still learning the acroynms...lol) they are cheap and he will have fun blasting off with it. For my daughter I am not sure yet I am thinking a Galaxy MOD5 and see how she does. For me I am leaning towards a SCAR model just need to figure out which one (I will probably post in that section asking for comments).
  10. Hey Everyone! My name is Sean from Central Indiana. I have been lurking around the forums for awhile now and wanted to make it official and introduce myself. I purchased my first Airsoft about 10 years ago. Back then it wasn't really a sport/game it was just a way for gun shooters to "shoot" indoors and without the high expense of ammo. So I have a Glock 17C GBB (I have no idea what brand and there doesn't appear to be any logos with exception of where a Glock serial number would be reads "CQB911US") I do have one question and I mean no disrespect to anyone here...but am I too old for airsoft? I am 36 (and have a 6 yr old son and 11 yr old daughter who love shooting) but mostly what I see on the forum and in pictures are really young people playing (teens and early 20's). Just curious am I an old timer here?? LOL
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