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  1. PPSH SOLD skorpian mags and pouch SOLD belt SOLD mask SOLD
  2. Massume 6.03 m700/psg1 barrel. Never used. 10$ Hsgi belt with cobra buckle 25$ Evike mask 15$ Vert grip 3$ Blackhawk kydex dual 1911 mag holder 10$ Blackhawk molle attachment 8$ Dual m4 mag pouches hold 4. 3$ a peice. Mp5 claw mount 5$ Skorpian drum mags 3x with mille pouch 8$ -S&t ppsh selling for 70$. Buyer pays shipping if required. Gun is stock. Comes with a 40$ stick mag. The hinge broke at the body. Its not a very large peice. It could be welded perhaps? Not sure. I tried to epoxy it. No dice. Other than that it is stock and 100% functional Mp5k- galaxy, madbull tbb, shs high torque motor, other goodies in the gb I havent seen, shoots 365 w/.25s 4 mid caps, 1 hicap 80$firm (lowest I got my friend to go) PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING
  3. I have a galaxy mp5k, extended tbb, supressor can easily be thrown over it if you do not like the barrel gun specs -madbull tbb -70 degree bucking I was told -shs high torque motor - other stuff in the gearbox but I do not know what, have not opened it. -365fps w/.25s -id guess around 16-19 rps on an 11.1 comes with 4 MID CAPS AND 1 HICCAP
  4. G&P gearbox/lower sold HERE ARE A FEW HINTS FOR EVERYONE. when someone says closet cleaning, and is selling a g&p body for 45$ you can ask all the questions you want, but if I have to do all this work for 45$ im not answering a damn one. #2 don't REPLY TO MY WHOLE DAMN THREAD KIDDO TLDR long day, don't be an assclown
  5. top to bottom G&P m4 lower. needs motor, includes crane stock, metal body, and gearbox - 45$ kwa plastic lower - 10$ echo1 akm- 125$ shoots 395ish with .25s, really nice gun, metal and wood. king arms m4- 90$ plastic body, rough paintjob, has a matrix 6.03 TBB, element hop up, and matrix high torque motor. shoots about 335fps at 18 rps with a 11.1 echo1 SOB - 80$ piston is stripped. when it did shoot the auto was iffy, used to shoot in bursts, just never got to fixing it. comes with stock, buffer tube, everything to make a bbgun
  6. ok send me a quick message. barrel is massume or whatever the airsoft gi brand is called
  7. uploading now, I must have forgot to put it on my photo bucket.
  8. I had my name tape in the photo, apparently my other photo with it next to my peice of paper did not upload.
  9. -ICS cxp - sold -echo 1 red star akm. FULL METAL REAL WOOD no flash hider, shoots mint, 395fps on the dot with a .25 usual ak stuff, stock wobbles a little, not noticeable if shouldered, 150$ obo no trades -kjw 1911 gas mags 3X all have very small leaks, go away after a few seconds, still no issue getting a full mag out. just tested, no prior use. 15$ a peice or 35$ for all 3 -evike "army of two" mask- a little wear. 30$ -multicam condor mag pouch, 5$ -OD condor mag pouch 3$ - kjw m700/PSG1 6.03mm tbb, never used. 20$ - vertical fore-grips 5$ a piece. - skorpian aep drum mags 370 rds 5$a peice, buy all 3 get a molle pouch that holds 2. - 8.4 volt batteries, pay shipping you can have em. - 14mm male to 14mm male converter for skorpian GBB/aep. 10$ prices do not include shipping.
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