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    airsoft, playing bass, parkour, listening to music, and airsoft....and airsoft

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    G&G M4 Tokyo Marui Desert eagle hard kick

mtd3w's Feedback

  1. jefzzz left Positive feedback   

    Plate carrier and pouches

    mtd3w was The Seller

  2. gorbasho left Positive feedback   

    4 CA motors, 1 Chaoli motor

    mtd3w was The Seller

  3. yellowjournalism left Positive feedback   

    Condor CPC + Pouches

    mtd3w was The Seller

  4. adamhummerlyons left Positive feedback   

    L96 Spring + HP hop-up

    mtd3w was The Seller

  5. Unworthy left Positive feedback   

    Metal m416 body

    mtd3w was The Seller

  6. Linglingjr left Positive feedback   

    two cylinder heads

    mtd3w was The Seller

  7. preludacris09 left Positive feedback   

    g36 carry handle scope

    mtd3w was The Seller

  8. missleman101 left Positive feedback   


    mtd3w was The Seller

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